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Daily link Friday, July 15, 2005

Is it me or does the new Palm logo look a lot like the RSS logos that are springing up all over the Web? Shawn Wildermuth asks "is this what passes for marketing these days?"

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Man, my office is messy. Gotta clean that up. Jeff filmed me last week on the way over to Ballmer's office.

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What's interesting is that the blog link indexers miss some blogs. For instance, on Shel and Neville's podcast link in the last entry I made neither Technorati nor Bloglines found any links to their podcast entry. Yet both the new Land Rover blog (nice corporate blog!) and Adrian of the SmartApps blog link to it.

It'll be interesting to watch how quickly these, and my blog's links, get added to Technorati and Bloglines.

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More news from blogs:

Yahoo releases an improved video search. Technorati (6 links); Bloglines Citations (4 links).

Wired Magazine: Tools Give Video Freaks the Power. Technorati (4 links); Bloglines Citations (10 links).

Seattle PI: In smarts, she's a perfect 10. I'm bummed I didn't meet this girl when she visited campus. Technorati (39 links); Bloglines (33 links).

Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson's 50'th podcast (it's one of the best podcasts out there and I enjoy it immensely). Technorati (zero links); Bloglines (zero links).

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News headlines and comparisons of blog referer engines:

Search Engine Watch: Google Simplifies & Loosens Requirements for AdWords -- Technorati (9 links); Bloglines (6 links)

Robert X Cringely: More to Apple/Intel Deal Than Even Bob Thought At First -- Technorati (19 links); Bloglines Citations (9 links).

Tim Bray: Atom 1.0 is all cooked and ready to serve -- Technorati (43 links); Bloglines Citations (37 links).

Don Park answers back the Atom folks. Technorati (4 links); Bloglines Citations (8 links)

Maybe I misjudged Technorati's index. I'll keep tracking the two. This is an interesting way to see all the comments on the hot news of the day.

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Mary Jo Foley has an interview with Anders Hejlsberg, the guy behind Borland's Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and now Microsoft's C# language.

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An astute Slashdot reader knows that when there's more than 800 comments in an hour or two that there's a hot issue being discussed (the average is more like 300 in that timeframe).

Today's "Longhorn to Require Monitor-Based DRM" is one of those.

First off, I didn't know about this. So, now I have another team to chase after with a camcorder (there are thousands of employees working on Longhorn and keeping track of what's in and out of Longhorn is a full time job).

Engadget is the one who got linked to. So, let's do the Bloglines vs. Technorati comparison again. Hot moving news story.

Bloglines has 29 links.

Technorati has 14.

Since I don't know enough about this team or this feature I'm gonna stay out of this for now and let you watch the reactions to this one roil across the Internet.

James Robertson has among the strongest reactions: If this is true I won't upgrade to Longhorn, period.

Of course I'm passing along this feedback to the teams.

Update: there's a whitepaper on the Output Content Protection system here.

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