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Daily link Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'm quickly reading the Blogher reporting. Nancy White has a TON of notes. You can see the world changing.

Do women matter to the blogosphere? Mena Trott just reported that 71% of the bloggers on LiveJournal are female.

You know I was a skeptic about this conference when I first heard about it. But Lisa Stone, one of the organizers, won me over. I'm really bummed I wasn't able to be there. But, actually, it's almost better than I'm not. As I read the blogs here I realize I'm part of the problem and need to just sit back, read, and hear what's being discussed there.

It's time to learn, not time to participate. I hope every blogger reads at least 10 blogs that are writing about Blogher. The ideas being discussed there are ones that we haven't yet discussed well in the blogosphere.

Congrats to Lisa and the other people who put this conference together. You've changed the world. That I'm sure of and the conference isn't even over yet.

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Maryam's brother's family just arrived so we'll take the rest of the weekend off. Man is it awesome weather here right now. Dennis Hamilton is taking us to the Mark Knopfler concert tonight. Lots of fun to be had.

While we're here having fun, the BlogHer conference is going. Technorati is a good place to watch. Here's a search for "Blogher" on Technorati so you can see what's being reported from the conference. Here's searches for blogs that are linking to Bloglines Citations; Technorati; Feedster; Clusty; IceRocket and Blogpulse.

Ponzi is running the microphone and is blogging from that side of things.

If you're into the tagging thing, check out Technorati's tag page for blogher.

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Vivek Pai told me he was in a Shaws Supermarket in Canton, Massachusetts when he looked at the LCD monitor on the cash register. It was running an RSS feed from Reuters and said "Windows Vista expected to release 2006," Vivek told me in email.

It's a weird world when your cash register is getting RSS feeds now.

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Chris Wilson, over on the IE blog, talks about the Web standards support in IE 7 beta 1.

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Ken Levy and I are watching NASA TV. They are about to perform a spacewalk.

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David Berlind, over on ZDNet: "Orlowski routinely seeks opportunities to ridicule other people."

"He has, for as long as I've been familiar with his writing, taken liberties instead -- liberties becoming of a buffoon. Not of someone who is interested in the truth."

Berlind and I have had our public problems in the past couple of weeks, but you should go and read his post to see how a real journalist approaches his job.

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It's been a while since I linked to Rocketboom so I checked in on Amanda today and she was bored watching TV. The Halo ballerina video was funny, though!

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I really appreciate the nice emails I've been getting. No, I don't need a libel attorney. The downside of putting your stuff out in public is that people are gonna say nasty things about you.

So, what should you do? Visit Brad Sucks (he doesn't!) and listen to some of his music.

Or, start reading feeds from people you like. For instance, Rick Segal. He has several great posts in the past few days (he's a venture capitalist who is doing some of the more interesting blogging I've seen lately).

1) Q&A with the next generation.
2) Memo to Dell: Jeff Jarvis does matter.
3) Delta and the "Internal" memo.
4) IceRocket's secret weapon.
5) Onfolio: the Buzz Process.
6) Virtual Google -- How to evaluate Earth maps.

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