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Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Note for self and mancub, since I'll be using this in the (not-to-distant) future....

Painless way to pull your kid's loose tooth? Dentist showed me this trick: If they're not allergic to "caine" drugs (like novacaine, xylocaine, etc.- mine aren't) then a little Orajel (benzocaine 20%) on the end of a Q-tip and applied around the loose socket. Wait 5 minutes for the magic numbing action, then presto! Tooth out, no pain, no screaming, and no wrestling.

Ya see? This is the sort of stuff that gets passed between health-care professionals -- useful stuff, not just "You should consider flossing more often" comments. Do you have to give some kinda secret handshake to get this out of 'em?

[Update] Alwinconfirms the existence of a secret handshake, but refuses to divulge any more information about same.
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Brent points to some 'genuine' spook files about X-Files kinda stuff.

You can read de-classified CIA documents about UFOs—go to www.foia.cia.gov and search for ufo.

But can we actually trust what they've released, Scully?
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This one's for (and from) Marek,

This day 13 years ago they killed Chris Gueffroy.

Chris Gueffroy: the last person killed at the wall. He was my age. It could have been me.And this day comes again. The night from February 5th to 6th. This is the night of pain and the night of freedom.

This was the day 13 years ago I decided to leave communism for good. On this night they shot and killed Chris Gueffroy, the last one to try to get over the Berlin Wall. He was my age. He is dead. I live. They shot him in the back. Bullet in the heart. Tonight I wanted to write in his memory and all I can do is look at his picture and remember that day and all there is is silence. Nothing to say. Nothing to do. Just remember.

Thank you, Marek.
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