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Sunday, February 24, 2002

Trying to clear the backlog of stories started and promised...Bear with me, please. BTW, I'm not paying much attention to the recent advice from a certain arrogant "expert" on blog-writing. I already know that my own writing always benefits from an editor's pass or four before sending it on... But that ain't gonna happpen around here. :-)

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So Aldobus (Adobe gobbled up Aldus, for those of you who may not remember the early days of DTP) is going to release Photoshop 7.0 (Mac OS X, 9.x, and Winders, too). This is good and bad. The good parts are the sexy new features, and this will provide a huge push toward the adoption of OS X. The downside is this will likely cause me a huge amount of extra work at work, revising existing materials and creating news one, too...

Now if they'd just accelerate the devotion of resources to creating a Carbonized (or Cocoa-ized, drool) version of FrameMaker. BTW, InDesign is not a replacement for FrameMaker, and was never intended to be. InDesign was intended to be a Quark Xpress killer. (Perhaps ID will eventually put enough pressure on the folks at Quark that they stop treating everyone else involved -- merchants who sell their software and legitimate Xpress users -- like dirtbags. Then again a standards-compliant version of Netscape 4.x would likely arrive first. And yes, kids, that's cynicism.) InDesign is for documents that have flexible formatting from page to page (think magazine or newspaper layout), while FrameMaker is intended for long documents which have more structure and consistant formatting to them (think text books or manuals for software or equipment).

The dude in charge of the Frame development team has already stated the next version of Frame will not be OS X native (whatever that means), so I'm really looking forward to the next one. Carbonized would be just fine, thanks! Frame and Distiller are the only reasons I have right now preventing my switching over to OS X at work.

Right now all I have to do is hope for a new version of Bare Bones' Mailsmith that would support IMAP, before they throw that switch at work, and eliminate the viability of my current email app. Perhaps I should make some sort of offering for the code tree which bears fruit at Bare Bones SW...

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