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Sunday, October 6, 2002

A Football Rule That Needs Changing

In the 49ers-Rams game today, there was a play that was called correctly by the officials but that I think demonstrates a need for a rethinking of the enforcement of a rule.

Quarterback passes the ball. It's intercepted. After he's releaed it (and, I argue, possession has changed since the INT is now in process), he gets leveled illegally. Roughing the passer is called (correctly).

As it is, the penalty nullifies the interception. Why? The penalty didn't cause the interception. So I think the way to enforce the rule is to assess 15 yards against the return team, from the point of the interception just to make it really hurt. But let the D keep the ball. They deserve it.

We do too much to protect the pansy quarterbacks to begin with.
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Testing the Mail-to-Weblog Feature

If this post appears on my Radio Weblog somewhere in the 9:30 p.m. PDT time frame on Sunday, Oct. 6, that means the Mail-to-Weblog update feature worked. That also means I'm a happy camper.

There are lots of times when I'm away from my machine when I get an inspiration for something I'd like to post on my Web log. Tonight, for example, during a baseball game I would have liked the ability to post a comment or prediction in semi-real time.

So let's see how this works.

Added later

Success! This is very nice. Simplicity itself.
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