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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Of Course It's Good. Danny Wrote It

Danny Goodman's indispensible Web designer's reference on DHTML has a totally new version out. I'll be picking it up as soon as the bookstores in Monterey have it in stock.

Dynamic HTML The Definitive Reference (2nd edition). TheThinMan writes "This is the completely updated second edition. Four years ago I made the first edition my constant companion and it has saved me, and any ... [Slashdot]

I consider Danny a friend. He's also a Giants fan. And a wonderful writer.
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Big Deal? Fire and Trillian Do This and More

CNET usually has a better handle on things than this story indicates.

AIM, ICQ to interoperate. AOL says it will allow its next version of AIM to communicate with ICQ, a surprise move that will topple the long-standing barrier between the two popular IM services. [CNET]

Yeah, I know. It's a big deal because it's AOL. But I've been using Fire from Epicware on my Mac and Trillian from Cerulean Studios on Windows for some time now. One chat program, access to and interoperability with all IM software. In that context, the AOL announcement is a real yawner.
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Of Course, Bud Selig Will Take the Fun Out of THIS Stuff!

Nice piece in Salon about the kids in the Giants' dugout and what it meant.

Daddy's home. Sharing the dugout and lots of affection with their sons, the Giants telegraphed good news about fatherhood -- and manhood -- in 2002. []

Of course, baseball's Non-Commissioner Bud Selig has already signaled he plans to take the fun out of that aspect of the game for next season.

That's what the game needs, Bud: more reasons for people not to enjoy watching it instead of football. You moron.
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A Brief Stroll Down Memory Lane on the Old Frontier

Andy Ihnatko is a long-time Mac scene observer who holds forth in a column on one of my all-time favorite newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times. He has a piece today on RSS news feeds (the source of much if not most of the content you see showing up in Web logs like this these days). In it, he mentions Radio (my personal Blogging tool of choice) and acknowledges how powerful a tool it is. "The aggregator found in Radio Userland is even more powerful, but then again things from Userland generally are," he says rightly.

That got me to thinking about the first time I met Dave Winer. And about the journey his software has taken from its beginnings to today.
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