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Thursday, October 17, 2002

I'm at an Online Communities Conference Today

I won't be blogging most of the day today. I'm venturing to Wine Country to join Jim Cashel (Online Community Report) and 38 other folks interested in online community for Jim's first Online Community Summit.

I may get computer access some time during the day to do an email update to my Radio log. If not, I'll undoubtedly post something when I get back Friday night.
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Office:X Update Fixes Word Problems

Well, it looks like the new updater for Office:X that Microsoft released today fixes all of the bugs that have plagued me since I "upgraded" my machine to Jaguar and Word:X started behaving like crap.

Fonts work right. Selection in multi-line-spaced copy works. Save and open don't crash. Printing works fine.

I still have my objections to this product but at least now it seems for the moment to have stabilized and become usable once again.
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Mozilla 1.2 Beta Improves

I just downloaded the Mozilla 1.2b release for my OS X box this afternoon and I've been running it for a bit now. It improves some stuff and adds a feature I had on my wish list.

Type-ahead, which was sluggish at best and ugly at worst, works fine in this release. That's most encouraging.

One of the things I love most about Mozilla is tabbed browsing: opening new pages in tabs in the same window rather than separate windows. This is brilliant! You can save these groups as single bookmarks. And now, in this release, you can make one of these groups your home page. So now all the sites I want to be sure to visit at least daily show up as soon as I open my browser. Hot!
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Macworld move doesn't please Apple.

Apple Pulls Out of Macworld. Macworld is returning to Boston, but Apple isn't. The giant technology show will return home, but Apple is staying away. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News] (comments) [Mac Net Journal]

I have sort of mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I have always found the MacWorld Expo folks to be a bit arrogant and high-handed, to say nothing of arbitrary. I know that someone else has taken over the show now. But the taste lingers.

OTOH, for Apple to try to dictate how the conference company does business by withholding its support from the major conference that exists solely to promote its brand? That's just stupid. Short-sighted. Typical Apple strategy: ready, fire, aim.
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This is the Kind of Stuff We Need!

WebDesign adds ability to edit PHP files [MacCentral]

With Web sites long since moving away from the static design approach and more and more to database-driven sites, the tools we use need to catch up. It's good to see some of the lower-end, more affordable tools taking this kind of step.

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Eric Meyer Has Some (More) CSS Tricks Up His Sleeve

I happen to be writing a book at the moment, my first in several years, on using CSS to avoid table-based Web page layouts. So I'm reading a lot about CSS issues. Eric Meyer is clearly the Guru of CSS. In his latest piece, Eric tells us how to use some valid CSS techniques to hide all or parts of CSS from non-standard or broken browsers.

Cool stuff.
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