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Monday, October 14, 2002

OK, Some Corrections, But No Retraction...and Another Bad Call

My previoius post had a couple of errors.

First, the third-base umpire is Jeff Nelson, not Jeff Fisher.

Second, the rule apparently does allow for some judgement call by the umpire in the situation we saw. It shouldn't. This rule has changed in the years since I umpired (and I apologize for getting it wrong in my earllier post), and it's a bad change. Any interference by a fielder with a baserunner should automatically result in the runner being awarded the next base. Period. End of discussion. The runner is moving full tilt and trying to watch the ball and his coach. The fielder is stationary. No excuse for the contact. None.

I'd also like to point out that Nelson's bad call on the play at third on the sacrifice was also wrong as we could plainly see on the relay. He was not in the best position to make the call and the replay has the advantage of slow-mo, so I'm not really pissed. But that's two calls in one game by the same umpire that have potentially cost the Giants the game.

An umpire is best when he's not seen or evident. Nelson blew that.
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Egregious Error by Ump -- The Time for Fixing This Crap Has Long Since Passed!

Jeff Fisher, the third base umpire in tonight's game between San Francisco and St. Louis, made a clearly horrific call that may end up costing the Giants the game.

The rule is clear. A fielder who does not have the ball in his possession is not allowed, under any circumstances, to make physical contact with a baserunner. (Tim McCarver's comment about how it would be different if the runner weren't trying to score is irrelevant; the rulebook doesn't allow for such an exception.)

Santiago is rounding third and the third baseman blocked his path (admittedly while trying to get out of the way). Classic and pure interference. Santiago should have been sent home.

In a situation this important, that idiot at third doesn't even have the courage to ask his crew chief for help to see if he called it right.

He didn't. If the Giants lose by one tonight, Jeff Fisher should never be allowed to work another professional baseball game in his life. He's a moron.
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I Love Eudora and I Don't Hate the UI the Way Most People Do

I found these comments intriguing. I use Eudora for my email on my main machine (G4 w/OSX) and find the ads not only unobtrusive but -- gasp! -- occasionally even interesting enough to get me to click on them.

Unlike this guy and most others I've read (including my son-in-law, Jeff Soule, whose views on such things I generally value), I don't find the Eudora UI so bad. Maybe famililarity breads contentment.

Why pay for Eudora?. I am enjoying my return to using Eudora under Jaguar, but I am wondering something. The advertising supported free version of Eudora is so unobtrusive that I wonder if the folks who created the program are shooting themselves in the foot by moving to this method to support its full-featured email application? I know I will never click on an ad in Eudora...

If I keep using Eudora I will pay though. We as Mac users more than the users of any other platform need to be sure we pay for shareware. All small software developers deserve our support, but on the Mac this is an even greater need since we all love having high-quality choices for all of our applications rather than buying the straight Microsoft party line like many of our Windows-using friends... [Mac Net Journal]

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From 'Crapintosh' to 'Omigosh': OS X Moves Even Some Enemies to Adoption

Tim O'Reilly is quoted at the beginning of this encouraing piece.

Paul Andrews on the Mac-Linux connection. Seattle Times columnist Paul Andrews writes about the large numbers of Unix and Linux users who are switching to OS X in Apple-Linux merger powers 'Mac' switch. [Mac Net Journal]

My son-in-law, Jeff Soule, who's a real Linux-head, is also quite enamored of OS X.
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Yippee! Pure Python Cocoa Apps Now Possible

This is great news for those like me who worship at the altar of simplification. The (simple to use) Macintosh and the (simple to program) Python can now marry one another in the presence of the flavorful (but not always so simple) world of Cocoa!

I'm going to start learning this stuff right now. I've become a Python addict and although I'm more enamored of working in PythonCard than in pure Python, this development promises the potential to do some interesting GUI stuff while waiting for the wxPython Macintosh port to become finally usable.

Fun, fun, fun!

Some Cocoa-Python Love [MacSlash: A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion]

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iMac is PC Mag's Editors' Choice!

I try to comment on the news items I post. This one seems not to require any observation other than...of course!

Tremor in the Force: iMac is PC Mag's Editors' Choice [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

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Another Approach to Micro-Sizing Web Pages

Opera phone browser could upstage rivals. Opera Software's new technology for browsing Web pages on tiny cell phone screens could deal a blow to both Microsoft and WAP. [CNET]

Cool idea, but I hope WAP survives. It's a standard. This approach, like Microsoft's, is proprietary, and therefore, in my view, A Bad Thing in places like this. (I don't oppose all proprietary software, only that which tries to supplant an existing standard or to occupy a space I think should be reserved for standardized approaches.)
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We Need More Radio Scripters!

A great source of Radio scripts. Andy Fragen has a script that will fix the limitation of moving a Radio installation to a different hard disk, different machine, or even a different location on your current machine among the great collection of Radio scripts on his Scripts page. Thanks for Jake Savin for the pointer. [Mac Net Journal]

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