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Friday, October 11, 2002

Showalter's Hiring is a Travesty

Rangers ownership must have missed the last few years of the 90's when Buck Show-em-who's-boss-walter was running things in Zona. The man's a train wreck. He's a throwback to an era when he would have been a throwback. Putting him in charge of the Texas Rangers, a talent-laden club with too much bad mojo already, is plain stupid.

Meanwhile, yet another old white guy gets a job while deserving men of color get passed over for a team that could actually benefit from a minority hire.


Showalter to Rangers; Can Mets Get Piniella?. With Buck Showalter now off the market, Lou Piniella could vault to the top of the Mets' list to fill their managing vacancy. By Rafael Hermoso. [New York Times: Sports]

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OS X Users Have 'Big Boy' Dynamic Web Site Tools

Such de facto standard tools for dynamic Web site creation as PHP, mySQL, and server-side scripting languages have been missing from Mac Web servers. Oh, they've had their substitutes (and some good ones, too) like FileMaker using Lasso and Manila sites with UserTalk scripting. But if the boss or client wants standards-based stuff used on the dynamic site, Mac servers haven't really been up to the task.

OS X is.

Macworld offers tips for building Web sites. Build Dynamic Web Sites Without Leaving Your Mac. MacWorld: “With the release of OS X, Mac users can at last build, test, and deploy dynamic Web sites—all from a single machine. Now, the same database tools used to build world-class Internet sites such as those from NASA,, and Yahoo Finance are available for free to OS X users.” [] [Mac Net Journal]

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Well, Duh!

Of course Co-Monarchs George and Dick have a plan to occupy Iraq. The question is, when we get done and Saddam gets done, will there be anything left anyone will want to ocucpy?

U.S. Has a Plan to Occupy Iraq, Officials Report. The White House is developing a detailed plan to install an American-led military government in Iraq if the U.S. topples Saddam Hussein. By David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt. [New York Times: Politics]

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Harriet Martineau. "Readers are plentiful; thinkers are rare." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
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Now THIS Sounds Way Cool

Brainstorm together on your Macs using iStorm [MacCentral]

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One of my heros gets the Nobel

I worked hard for Carter both times. I lived in Utah at the time, a state that's so Republican it's not clear they even need elections. I have admired the man's integrity and wisdom. Out of office, he has been if anything more influential. I gave him my own private standing ovation when I read this:

NY Times: "Former President Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his 'untiring effort' to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts and to advance democracy and human rights." BBC report. [Scripting News]

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Fleeing the Cops for Fame?

Leave it to LAPD. Wake up, Bozos! These guys are running because you've made it a capital offense (without the nicety of a messy trial) to run away from a cop.


Cause and effect. Some Cops Fear Fleeing Suspects Are Chasing Fame. (86 words) [dive into mark]

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Don't Out Me, Robert, Please!?

Robert Scoble is on a validation rant:

Back to Kottke. His site doesn't validate either. Hmm, should we "out" people who make sites that don't even have a doc type? I'm thinking that we should, especially when they are putting themselves out there as design gods.

[The Scobleizer Weblog]

I think it is a reasonable expectation that well-designed sites include the doc type, but I don't think it's reasonable to expect a retrofit of all old pages as a condition of not being "outted".

Whaddya say, Robert? Grandfather clause? (After all, I am one...a grandfather, that is.)
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Size of Blog Entries?

Yesterday, I tweaked Robert Scoble a bit for the length of some of the stuff he posts that I get through his RSS feed via Radio. Then this morning I wrote a longish piece myself on chronological order in blogs.

Does anyone have any thoughts to share on how long a blog entry out to be at a maximum? I've generally preferred to keep my posts in the range of one to four relatively short paragraphs plus the quotation from which I'm citing. I don't always do that, but I try. For longer stuff, I write a story, then post a succinct (and hopefully enticing) summary or tease in the blog itself.
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Chronology and Blogging Real-Time Events

Earlier this week, I tried an experiment and blogged a baseball game in real time. I did it using mail-to-weblog capabilities because my Radio runs on my desktop which was in another room of the house from the TV where I was watching the game.

Several people responded favorably to the idea and had nice things to say about the approach. But as I revisited those posts this morning, I realized that the reverse chronological order of a blog doesn't lend itself to covering real-time events like sports and meetings and conferences. This is particularly true, I think, with sports where I might not want to read the final outcome or result before I've read the insights and analysis the blogger posted in real time.

This characeristic also makes blogging an unusable vehicle for story-telling, at least in the conventional beginning-middle-end sense, without either having just one post comprise the story or using the "Story" feature of Radio and providing a brief link. One could, of course, simply write the story in component parts and then post them in reverse chronlogy so that the reversed reverasl would be sequential. Seems kinda ugly, though, even to describe!

What do you think?
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