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daily link  Friday, February 8, 2002

PS - The reason I don't like it: I'm colorblind, and I know it looks wrong, but I can't figure out why. If someone can reccomend link, hover, and visited colors (please give me the value because I can't pick them out from a name) I'd appreciate it.  11:19:51 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

Updated my own theme (in response to Garth?). Ugh. I don't like the new look either.  11:07:06 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

Deadly Bloody Serious Radio is lookin' good.  9:32:31 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

Could one of my Canadian friends (neighbor's to the south, heh!) please, please, explain Curling to me?  8:07:22 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

Pretty soon we're going to start seeing the trendy cynics telling us why they detest the Olympics. Well, I'm not one of them. I love the games. I love the competition. And yes, I love the jingoistic nationalism. And not just American nationalism; this a game that any one can play.

Good luck Rosie, Rachel, and Alan.  7:00:10 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

NYPOST.COM: "A Manhattan woman is mad, she's mad, really, really mad about her lousy seats at Michael Jackson's tribute-to-himself concert - so mad, she's filed a $20 million suit against Ticketmaster and Madison Square Garden. "

I'm sooo going to poke my eye out with a pencil, and then sue the Anchorage School District for not teaching me how to properly use the damn thing.  6:17:02 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

India, Russia to sign arms deal. In the midst of a tense military stand-off between Indian and Pakistani troops along their common ... [CNN - Americas]

Russia backs India. China backs Pakistan. The US is stuck in the middle. Not good.  5:59:49 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

"Well, I'm legal now -- I paid my $40 for Radio.

Thanks for the swell product, Userland!" [ology dot org]

Hey, and I agree on something! I'm whipping out the credit card tonight. A sidenote to all you fearless readers: Subscribe to feeds you disagree with. It's good for your mind.  5:55:45 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

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