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daily link  Sunday, February 17, 2002

America's laser of death cleared for take-off: "We know that they had lasers capable of causing immense damage but they needed huge power packs. This remains a problem and this is why a laser weapon can only be fitted on an air frame the size of the AC-130. But advances will be made and the power plant will shrink and one day it will dominate the battle field.

"The Americans may already have a very powerful laser weapon far more advanced than we have seen. They have been carrying out research in this field for years but it is a very secret weapons programme and we have no idea how far they have progressed."

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Huh? I wonder what part of "HTML" IE doesn't understand?  3:06:05 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

W. C. Fields: ""Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people."  2:46:25 AM  permalink   Add a comment   

eBay item 1332419622 (Ends Feb-16-02 17:40:43 PST ) - ***Americana Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll Flag: "I must say that I LOVE THIS DOLL, she is so nice in person!!!! This austion is for this VERY LARGE doll that hangs at 36" long and would look great hanging in any room in the house or would make a great gift. She is heavily tea stained with a crushed velvet nose, button eyes, and a stitched face."

Oh man, you could use this doll to punish children. "Are you going to be good now, or do I have to give you the doll again?"  2:42:03 AM  permalink   Add a comment   

eBay item 1074129276 (Ends Feb-20-02 18:08:08 PST ) - ENRON Code of Ethics / Retirement Coffee Cup: "Front of coffee cup states "Enron Retirement Planning" and the back states "Who decides where to invest your money? Only You""  2:20:08 AM  permalink   Add a comment   

Conservationalist - Does it ever strike you as odd hearing conservationists speak? Here we have, for the most part, ardent evolutionists seeking to stop species from extinction. [Victor Echo Zulu]

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