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daily link  Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Sexy specs. Glasses, like small breasts, seem to be one of those things that women automatically assume men find unattractive. []  10:18:47 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

You know that movey the Money Pit? I own one of those.  9:48:11 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

A picture named EdsWienerStickA.jpg

eBay item 1814942916 (Ends Mar-31-02 14:40:08 PST ) - Canadian Made Wiener Stick Solid Steel NEW: "This beauty is made with 3/16th cold rolled steel, allowing you to cook many wieners well into the future. It's wood handle and 40 inch length will keep your hands well away from the fire. It's unique feature is that the 9 inch figure holds your cooked wiener off the ground while you go for a bun."  12:19:33 AM  permalink   Add a comment   

eBay item 1709214225 (Ends Mar-05-02 07:14:04 PST ) - Haunted Talking Shoes: "I can't explain this, but I have a pair of shoes that actually talked to me. I was laying in bed and I heard a voice from the foot of the bed where the shoes lie. It said "I can help you gain eternal life". I shot out of bed and turned on the light. I looked at the shoes, and they walked by themselves to me, and said again, "I can help you find eternal life" I ran out of the room and locked the door. I haven't been back in that room since, but have heard footsteps in the room late at night as I slept on the couch."  12:10:21 AM  permalink   Add a comment   

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