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daily link  Thursday, April 25, 2002

A picture named mill.jpgI saw this Idea on another weblog, and I'd like to try it for myself.
The Film Exchange Project: The idea is to shoot a roll of film and trade it with another person without seeing what you have shot. This project attempts to take it one step further. Once you have recieved your film, you must process the roll and curate a 12 image gallery from the roll of film and post it on your blog on a specific date.

The Details:

1) You run your own/or group blog
2) All pictures will be shot on 35mm film (You have a choice of black and white or colour, film speeds, types and brands. As well, you can shoot with a hi tech SLR camera to a lo tech toy camera. You don't own a camera, why not shoot with a disposable. Your roll of film should be at least 24 exposures)
3) Registration will run until Saturday April 20th
4) You will receive your trade recipients information on Tuesday April 23rd
5) You will have until Tuesday April 30th to shoot your roll of film.
6) All film should be in the mail by Tuesday April 30th.
7) Once you have received your trade film in the mail you should get it developed and make double prints, one for yourself and one for your trading partner.
8) Select 12 images from the roll to curate into a gallery on your blog*
9) On Monday May 20th, everyone will post their galleries including a link to their trading partner.
10) Send the negatives and a set of prints back to the original shooter.

* you must have a scanner or access to a scanner (there is always kinkos)

Obviously, we'll have to readjust the dates. :)

Please add your name and email to the comments if you would be willing to particpate, and after you've done that, spread the word on your own blog. If I get at least 5 responses, I will coordinate the exchange via email.  9:24:36 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

A picture named puppies.jpgPhoto: Juliette, Georgia, July 2000.

Juliette, Georgia; Town History: "The bustling main street, the hissing engines at the train station, the grinding of the old gristmill, and the cranking and rattling of the planks on the old bridge were all familiar sounds of a thriving Juliette. The Industries began to decline though in the 50's, and inevitably, the community along with it. The gristmill leased its operation to Dixie Lilly Milling Company, and then to Martha White Mills, and ceased all operations in 1957.

"Those memories of the quiet little town - - the sounds of the train whistles, the clanking of the bridge, the roar of the water falling over the dam, the sounds of frogs and crickets, the baseball games, and the swimming holes - - will live on in their hearts."  8:25:31 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

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