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daily link  Tuesday, April 30, 2002

A picture named screen_t.jpgHey kids, here's a screenshot from my PowerBook G4 running OS X. There's nothing especially new here, but I know some of you get all warm and fuzzy when you have pretty geek things to look at. Go ahead and click it for the full-sized image.

PS - The wallpaper is here if your the sort who wants to advertise my webpage on your own desktop.  8:03:23 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

From the too-weird-not-to-post department: > Fourth Annual Masturbate-A-Thon:

"Guys do it, nice girls do it so say it out loud: Masturbation. Come As You Are encourages everyone to touch themselves for a good cause. The fourth annual Masturbate-A-Thon is a weekend of solo sex to raise funds for women's health organizations. Ask your friends and neighbours to sponsor you for every minute of masturbation during May 18-19. The event is held on the honour system and you decide how long you want to masturbate in the privacy of your own home. This year's charity is the Hassle Free Women's Clinic"
  6:34:57 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

Moxie, or $10 Worth of Chutzpah? Writers are steamed at online zine Moxie's decision to charge $10 per submission. [Wired News]

What a load of crap. I'm published essayist--I know, it's hard to believe from the drivel I post here--and I would never, ever, consider paying a publisher to accept my work into their slush pile. That's what agents are for.  6:15:44 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

Anchorage Daily News | Bad-news bear darted in Oceanview: Here it is sauntering across the street," he said. "It didn't so much as turn its head to look at me. It was Joe Cool bear."  6:08:37 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

James Hong is preparing to take over the weblog universe: "So do me a favor, and link to my weblog.. That way, when we launch our democratizing, landscape changing gizmo, people will actually know about it."  5:22:10 PM  permalink   Add a comment   

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