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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Helping the homeless. This seems like a good time to mention Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff's 54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless. One of the suggestions: It's as simple as taking a few extra sandwiches when you go out. When you pass someone who asks for change, offer him or her something to []

This is a good idea. Each year, Jon Carroll writes about what he calls "The Untied Way." You go out with a wad of twenties and hand them out to homeless you see. I've done it a time or two. Sometimes, though, just giving them a little and chatting with them for a while is as good, in its way, as giving money. And of course money won't everyone any good. Sandwiches, though. Everyone needs sandwiches.

And while I'm mentioning Jon Carroll, he wrote a great column this morning about the need and possibility for defeating Bush, and offers a way that might work. Worth reading.

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The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales. In his "Book of Virtues," conservative pundit Bill Bennett argues that fairy tales teach good, eternal, Republican values of hard work and sacrifice.  Not so says English scholar Maria Tatar in her "The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales." According to Adam Gopnik's book review in The New Yorker, Tatar argues that fairy tales "rarely dramatize, much less endorse, the conservative Republican virtues of honesty and plain dealing and ascension from humble beg ... []
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He groaned, 'Oh! Chairman Mao!'. The Literary Review Bad Sex Prize 2002. A runner-up: "In one fluid movement Herman rolled forward on to his knees, grasped Dorian by the shoulders, and kissed him. Such suction. They were like two flamingos, each attempting to filter the nutriment out of the other with great slurps of their muscular tongues. Adam's apples bobbed in the crap gloaming." [MetaFilter]
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