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Monday, February 04, 2002

Tomorrow will be a good day for a fresh start with some simple features of Radio. Ever since Sylvain Carle suggested adopting newbies, I've been getting super tips, advice and help. I like my adoptive Radio parent!

I'm going to tap into that help and make certain that I know what news feeds and channels do as well as categories. Then, I'm going to divide a bunch of links that I want to have on my site into logical groups and find out how to put a heading at the top of each group. You can see an example of what I'm talking about here.

Finally, time permitting, I'm going to nail down the business of themes. If I get all these links built over on the right hand side and then change themes, will I lose the work I've done? Before the end of the week, I want to use another domain name and and have my site hosted either at Userland or at some other host. If I'm using some other domain name, am I by default selecting some other web host? We'll find that out, too.

It should be fun!

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Wow! I fumbled on the web services example, but I still got a link (and a nice email) from Dave Winer. A class act if you ask me. As a beginner I'm catching a glimpse of just how important these tools and this technology can be on several different levels. First, the notion that Everyman can now be a web publisher is an important step. Second, the underlying technologies that allow Everyman to get into some deeper water with developing and programming are important.

Taken together, we're looking at how the Internet and The Web will evolve into the truly revolutionary tools we all thought they'd be during The Bubble. The Bubble was form - this stuff is substance!

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The error message below was a result of my attempt to follow the Web Services example. When I saw what had happened, I thought I had edited it out of my web log. Guess not! Anyhow, I'm leaving it in for all to see. But, it is my error, I'm sure.

I hope when Dave pointed to me he wasn't ROTFL! Hanging in there!!


Dave is absolutely right - though I wish there could be a different way. Most of what I've learned so far came about exactly like this...

I told him "Stare at it in incomprehension. Click on all the links. Get confused. Come back later and do it again. Repeat until aha."

For many this is the first programming they'll ever do. There's no way to make that first leap easy. But once you get it, you never forget, and it goes to some very interesting and rewarding places.

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Updated to Radio 8.0.3 just now. What are the "parts" that Radio sends down to me? It isn't a question for now, but for later. I love this stuff, and I don't have a clue (yet)!!!
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Let me be perfectly clear about my prior rant(s). Radio 8.0 didn't get in my way; ignorance did. I agree with every comment that states how easy it is for a novice to begin a weblog with Radio. That's true.

What isn't quite as obvious is how one goes slightly beyond the basic weblog you see here into the realm of a personal web site with lots of attention-grabbing content.

It is also a bit unclear as to where all the links come from that you see at a place like this. I think he sits down to a Radio Weblog text box just like the one I'm typing into. Further, I believe he types his own comments and builds the links into what he is typing. Apparently, he jots down the URL for the places he wants you to go and then sets those up using Radio's link icon at the top of this box. I'm guessing now and my guesses are based purely on my own efforts to discover these features.

My network is now up and running. Only one machine left to be rebuilt. Email is back. Surely, this week will permit time on Radio. I want to learn it.

Models for my site are these - Carlson & Curry - with liberal doses of other weblogs you'll find at these sites! By the end of this week, I want a theme/style/look for my site and that will allow me to begin building content into it. I'm told that I can't change the look of the site without losing all the links that I may list down one side of it. So, first things first - let's find a look!

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