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Monday, February 25, 2002

It's 10p.m. Do you know where my comments are? I'm still trying! Finally, comments, but the counter looks stupid this way. I'm trying to remove it. OK...can't remove it, maybe I can reformat it.
10:01:48 PM     Comments[]

Changing themes cleared up the error when my browser attempted to load my own site. Who knows what that problem might have been? But, I've still got links down the left from somewhere and my categories aren't visible. I've set up 11 categories. How do you provide others with the ability to see your posts by category?

If Radio is ever going to be used by "the masses," it just seems to me that some of this stuff is going to have to become a bit more intuitive OR we're going to be forced to tell everyone what the Minimum Knowledge Requirements are in addition to the Minimum System Requirements.

8:39:11 PM     Comments[]

Now I've got a small yellow triangle in the lower left border of my browser window that says, "Done, but with errors on page." What is that? This just started after I laid off from posting for a few days.

I must have close to 240 hours of effort expended doing trial and error work. Am I the slowest rat in this race? Is there some other weblogging tool that is better suited to someone with my (lack of) skills?

I've got only $40 in Radio. I've got close to $800 in a suite of Macromedia software tools, and almost $400 in books. I'd gladly spend another $500 to figure this stuff out if I thought it was only a matter of money. But...

It's not. The need is for clear, specific instruction about how and where to make the kinds of changes that Radio is calling for to produce certain results.

6:39:06 PM     Comments[]

We need these documents and more like them to do the stuff I wrote about earlier. I think several people have the know-how and the desire to get us there. Now it is probably a matter of time and patience.

For those of you who have highly customized Radio weblogs, you have my congratulations, admiration and respect. As was said in O'Brother Where Art Thou so eloquently, "You are the one most capable of abstract thought!"

6:26:38 PM     Comments[]

Just as I suspected, no comments feature and no comments counter. The same thing happened when I followed the instructions for doing the web services examples.

There's no doubt that weblogging is all the (positive) things that have been said here. For more than the 100 people that get listed in the page-read rankings to personalize a weblog, something will have to change! I think the thing that must change is the mechanism by which know-how gets transferred to those of us who haven't been editing HTML and designing web sites these past 5 to 7 years.

5:47:29 PM     Comments[] pride is bruised, but my need remains!

By the time I posted here again, I expected to have a completely different weblog. It's clear that I'm not going to get this done without some help from somewhere. During my absence (abstinence) from posting, I've been through 900(est.) combinations & permutations (backing up and restoring every step of the way). No results worth sharing with anyone.

I hate to be guilty of majoring on form over substance, but being a control freak, I feel like this ought to have the attributes I list below.

How do I do this?

  1. I've got a domain name registered & a host identified. I need to get an agreement in place with the host and get the domain moved over there.
  2. I need to set up somewhere in Radio to tell it to upstream to the new domain/server(?).
  3. Some sort of RSS feed has to be redirected so that I remain a part of the Radio community. Where and how?
  4. Are my comments enabled? I'll check the next time I publish.
  5. Do I have a comments counter? I'll check that as well.
  6. I want to change the permalink icon. I may want to move it to the beginning of each post I make.
  7. I want to create a link to a page of articles I've written. I've also got other things I want as separate pages. How/where?
  8. I want to create logical groupings of links together on one side of my weblog.
  9. I need that little email envelope icon so people can email me about this weblog. Where and how?
  10. Apparently, I need some sort of XML coffee mug icon that allows people to quickly subscribe to this weblog. (In case I ever get to say anything other than HELP!) How?
  11. I want to use CATEGORIES for my posts and have a list of my categories on the public weblog so that posts by category can be viewed.
  12. I want to change the name & subtitle of this weblog. I'll check that when I publish this.
  13. I want to remove the gap that exists between the end of my posts and the time.
  14. I want a completely different look/design/theme for this weblog. So far all of the tips I've gotten basically boil down to, "go over to your home page template and edit the HTML to look like you want it to." (Right after my DIY brain surgery!)
  15. I'd like for the daily heading for each day's posts to be styled differently, possibly with a different icon.
  16. I need to add the feature that permits linking via a new window.

I must have visited several hundred sites looking at templates, themes, CSS designs, other weblogs, etc. I know this stuff can be done, but I can't figure out where and how these people are doing it. I've attempted to copy information out of templates into Dreamweaver so that I could WYSIWYG this stuff. However, nothing I've copied renders correctly when I "preview" it. This has something to do with macros that are behind the scenes of Radio (I think).

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