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Monday, February 18, 2002

Jenny Levine is MY INFO MAVEN!!!! She has sent me an email answering my questions. Were it not so late here this evening, I'd be editing my brains out.

Instead, I'll have to wait until tomorrow. But, be assured that The Shifted Librarian will forever be on my daily reading list!!!

Thank you,      thank you,       t h a n k   y o u   !  !  !

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Here's where I'm stumped:

  • Is Radio the only tool people are using to create weblogs/websites like Is everyone who produces a site such as this one completely fluent in HTML hand-coding?
  • How does that site manage to offer a comments feature for every post?
  • What steps did she go through to get the links down the left and her posts organized by category down the right? What are the steps in the editing process to get things that clearly organized?
  • How does she do the checkbox for opening links in new windows?
  • Because the site is named as it is, does that tell me that she is hosted somewhere other than at Userland?
  • Is there a more effective/efficient way to edit one of Radio's canned templates than to copy the source to a WYSIWYG editor, make the changes, view the source and copy it back into the proper spot in Radio's prefs pages? If so, what method are most people using?

Thanks in advance to whomever has the time to provide the answers!

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Dave Winer is absolutely right. The Shifted Librarian is an excellent example of what can be done with Radio. Now, I want to know HOW!!

Was Radio the only tool used to do this? Since the site is at the domain, does that mean someone else besides Userland is hosting this site? How did she edit the template? Is that a matter of finding the template, copying it out to an editor, editing it, then pasting it back into Radio? Can the column of links on the left and right of her site be edited and maintained from within Radio? I've been trying to understand the HOW of all of this since the 13th of January. Also, those neat little comments she's calling for with each post. How's that done? What am I missing? If all of this comes so easy to the secretary and the librarian, why am I making it so hard? If you can't answer my questions specifically, tell me HOW to go about getting those answers.

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