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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Wow.  Dan's new Weblog looks like a newsfeed (as seen in Radio) of his stories.

[John Robb's Radio Weblog] How was this web site built? Was Radio used? Is Radio one component of a larger web site? Even the simple stuff amounts to mind bombs for me. The amazing stuff is beginning to seem totally unreachable!!
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I had been wondering about this. Recent frustrations with Windows make me want to return to the Mac fold. It may happen sooner rather than later! PowerBook vs. the new iBook [MacCentral]
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Level 3 Communications. "Either they have a rabbit in the hat or they don't, and they aren't telling us." [The Motley Fool] Level 3 may simply be ahead of the inevitable rebound. Web services, voice over IP and countless other needs for bandwidth will ultimately reward the sophisticated networks that have shunned the legacy teleco ways. [Disclaimer: I'm long Level 3 and have been since 1998.]
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Total frustration. Trying to learn IP routing and weblogging/HTML at the same time. It is getting tiresome to look so foolish with everything I touch.

It's beginning to feel like time to do what I've done for 20+ years. Hire the experts to do what I want done. Maybe people my age shouldn't be trying to learn how to make a weblog look good, perform well and do sophisticated underlying things. Oh well.

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HELP!!! I've got to learn HTML to do all I want to do here. Actually, I've got to learn a lot more than that. Somebody email me with a suggestion for the best editor to start learning to do HTML/XML work. Is there an editor in Radio? I've never used the desktop application. What does it do? I need for the text area of the Default Theme in Radio to be narrower. Take a look at some popular sites and the text area seems to be about this wide...


                  1                  2                  3                  4                  5                  6        65

Currently, I think I post about 90-95 characters wide when I use the Default Theme in Radio. Take a look at this site and you'll see a more readable layout!

I've been told Homesite (Allaire), NoteTab (a notepad replacement), CuteHTML (Globalscape) and Notepad. I'm running Windows, so let me know your thoughts.

What this is really about is building a toolkit. Radio is fantastic. I get the impression that the Geek Wizards (a term of admiration) have an additional set of skills and tools that really make their web sites do their tricks. I may be wrong. I don't foresee being a java, javascript, Python, Perl or C# programmer. I do want to learn web services, XML, HTML and the techniques that make many of these weblogs so amazing. What goes in the toolkit and what goes in the brain? In other words, how do I keep learning?

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It snowed here last night!

Today, I want to accomplish 2 things.

  1. I want to solve this question about grouping my links like they are grouped on Dane Carlson's site. Does this require that I set up a web site that is "fed" by Radio as opposed to being a Radio site? In other words, to accomplish all of the html editing that needs to be done, must I be "outside" Radio's templates and preferences? I'm not sure, but I hope to use a snow day to find out.
  2. I'm considering setting up a domain, setting up a site and using Radio as my primary vehicle for updating/editing that site. Can this be done? Is this what Dane Carlson and Adam Curry and a whole host of others do? Is Radio their editing tool? OR, are they managing content with Radio and using some other tool(s) to provide the look & feel for their sites?

I really want to get my head around these notions today.

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