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Monday, February 11, 2002

In my view this cannot be repeated too often. Weblogs could one day be like HAM Radio!!!

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"I trust the software and I trust Jake." When Dave says something like this, it makes me want to know who Jake is and whether or not he's got a weblog! If you missed the comment, it was Dave's answer to my question #4 this morning. The more I learn, the more I want to know.
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If you haven't seen Bryan Bell's web site, you're missing out on what is possible with a Radio weblog. Look at the themes and customer sites that Bryan designed!
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Between Dave Winer's & John Robb's posts today, I feel like I've struck the deep gold vein of Radio. What a huge help their answers and comments have been. Many thanks to Dane Carlson for patiently bringing me along. This is good stuff.
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Dane & Dave (almost sounds like 2 Olympic decathlon...oh, that was Dan) have been a huge help! Dane adopted me under Sylvain Carle's excellent adopt-a-newbie idea! She made quite a breakthrought with that one. Today's Q&A was a direct result of these guys & gals making Radio users a priority. In the long run Radio will be more successful due to that approach and attitude than due to any feature that any of us dream up!

I'm motivated again!

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In the spirit of mutual admiration, Radio is providing an enormous opportunity to learn new stuff. Remember, it's new to those of us who haven't been doing anything but browsing the web! Now that I'm trying to actually do some stuff on the web (without using FrontPage) I'm having to acquire new skills. It's the vocabulary that often stumps me. Deming called it operational definitions - making sure that everybody sees things through a similar lens. Arrival time must mean the same thing to the airline, the media, the passenger and the government agency reporting the stats for anything "actionable" to happen. Anyhow, I'm going to get past these startup problems (I downloaded Radio on 1-13-02), learn the definitions and begin making some more meaningful posts!
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Newbie Questions *

After wrestling with HTML fundamentals all weekend and trying to understand the connection between weblogs and web sites, I find that I've still got a bunch of questions. There must be something that I haven't found yet that answers questions such as these; or, maybe Radio is much more intuitive and I just don't "get it." What prerequistes have I missed that are required courses for Radio 8?

  1. What's really happening when I "update radio root"? Is this what I see when I go to the news aggregator and find some listings of bug fixes? In other words, does "3 parts downloaded" mean 3 bugs fixed?
  2. Who uses the desktop application that came with Radio 8.0? I come to this posting page in IE6 to post and to review what is going on. What am I missing by not using the desktop app?
  3. Can I "subscribe" to any web site using the news aggregator or do only sites that have the orange XML feature work?
  4. What do themes actually change? In the folders, templates, etc., which ones should I copy in order to be able to return to the default setting of a fresh download/install of Radio?
  5. What is meant by dropping things into the wwwfolder? What is really happening if I do that? What are some examples of this?
  6. How is a permalink actually established? Why do some people have titles over each post with a permalink next to them? You can see this here.
  7. Where can I get a better understanding of what categories really do for me?
  8. What are events?
  9. What value do referer rankings have?
  10. What are the rules and methods associated with making a weblog a person's web site? Can I use Radio to create pages of other content? Can I make the Radio weblog a part of another web site without losing any of Radio's capabilities? Does userland host a Radio web site if it goes by a completely separate domain name? (e.g. Would I have to arrange for a host for
  11. What templates (I hope this is the correct term) are used to change the "Look" of my weblog? Clearly, a theme changes a lot. But what if I find the right theme, then want to tweak certain things about it - like where the date/time/permalink symbol appear after a post? Or, how the links down the right hand side of the default theme are grouped and displayed?

(* How long after the initial download of Radio can someone remain a newbie? How much thrashing must they do and for how long before they are labeled "moron?")

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