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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Thought I was through for the night, but

then I went here. Look at the variety of stories and thoughts and topics that we get!

All these years (since 1997) I've been using the web to read the Wall Street Journal or download some printer driver or find out the price of some widget. I still read the hard copy Journal, printers still need drivers and I still shop lots of places without checking on the web. But...

how did I miss all the incredibly valuable stuff that is in these weblogs? Have I been so focused on supporting Microsoft products that I missed out on what the open source advocates are doing? Is that the cause? Well, I'm glad I've found it now.

The next big challenge? How to effectively and efficiently read/process it every day or every week? Is that what the news aggregator can do for me? Is that what does for me?

Whatever, it's fun and a cool way to learn about this Internet thing I've been using without really appreciating fully.

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At the risk of stifling innovation...

Tonight I'm thinking once more about the progress I have and haven't made with my weblog. Just as I was gaining momentum, I got busy with a couple of other projects that demanded near total attention.

Trying to catch up tonight, it struck me that I'm headed for three places:

Why those 3 places? Well, Dave forgive me, I'm still incredibly interested in how this tool called Radio really works and just what kinds of things I can do with it. Those places are the ones I know about that are helping the most. If there are others who are doing similar things, I'd love to know about those as well.

I know I supposed to "just write," but Radio has opened a new world for me, and I want to see what other people are able to do with it and what may be possible in a variety of situations where I could apply it. It's also forcing me to learn something about what a web page is, what HTML is and how all this slick stuff is put together.

Anyhow, those three sites have been the sites that are documenting many of the questions I have had. Are they duplicating each other? To a degree, but there's real value in seeing the way each of them  approaches certain things. By the way, no way would I leave Dane Carlson out of the list of people getting a hearty thank you for helping. The difference with Dane has been that he and I have corresponded without documenting it all in our weblogs.

During the day tomorrow and during the weekend, I'm going to list some questions I continue to have in a document I'll call Radio Static. Russ, Jenny and Andy may elect to divide and concquer, ignore completely or they may each tackle all or some of the questions. It should be fun and it should be helpful.

Bottom line: T H A N K S! ! !

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If you look at the process for getting bandwidth to a home, small or medium business and in some cases a BigCo, you discover that not only is the process of "provisioning" that bandwidth horribly flawed, but the dependability of the service is all-too-often miserable. Almost 8 hours of work were disrupted yesterday due to the local cable company's problems.

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