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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

An Important Watermark!

OK...the hints are taken. Courtesy of Dave's pointer to Doc's pointer to Jacob's blog about blogging, this will be my last blog about blogging! From the 13th of January to last night, I've wrestled (rather publicly) with some fundamentals that others who use Radio know cold. Jenny Levine's fantastic site and some adoptive care from her to this newbie have got me on the path to designing the kind of site I envisioned when I first downloaded Radio.

I may fumble when it comes time to make the changes I want to make, but I'm hoping that the "work offline" switch and the "post vs. publish" controls will allow me to experiment without forcing others to watch me stumble around.

As always the thanks go out to Dave Winer and the team at Userland Software for creating a tool that entices nonprogrammers/web novices/Everyman into a new realm. Continued thanks go to Dane Carlson for help he's provided, and I'm certain will provide again. I'm not sure how long it may take for me to re-emerge, but I think I've got the blueprint and toolkit in place. When the day comes, this weblog will go public with a new message and a new title, subtitle, look/theme, host and its own domain name. What else needs to change?

For those of you who have endured as we rookies have invaded your weblogging turf, I thank you for the patience you've had and the motivation you've given by showing us the kinds of things that are possible. I, for one, will attempt to create content worthy of the medium. Until then...thanks, have fun and stay tuned!


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