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Friday, May 10, 2002

A writer's missed opportunity

Fast Company has an insightful blogging article, but how about pointing to Radio and not just Blogger.   [Scripting News]

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Deming, Crosby & Wheeler say its the process!

New Architect - June. New Architect has released its June issue on "Technology Innovation: Process or Plain Luck?" and the best part about it is Wisdom from the Industry. The magazine asked 16 bigwigs... [meryl's notes]

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How I use the Radio News Aggregator

I've got the preferences set so that each story comes up with a check mark. I look at a page of stories and uncheck those that I think I may want to post. Sometimes I hit 'delete' and go on to the next page, unchecking another group of stories I may want to post. When I've been all the way through, I'm left with a list of stories I can post and comment on. Other days, I'll 'post-as-I go.'

Currently, I'm subscribed to 71 sources. I'm constantly weeding out the bottom 10% based upon how infrequently I've used them or how infrequently they have updated. Of the 71 sources, 23 are mainstream news sources and 48 are other weblogs.

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Anyone notice the Google masthead today?

Take a look at Google's masthead today. Good design is good design no matter where or how it's used. I've got a name picked out and I've got a host picked out for this weblog. I wish I had the skills to develop 3 or 4 mastheads around the name, then, about every 2 to 4 weeks, put a new masthead up.

Here are some other examples of good design:

I'm such a failure.. Vintage Labels: The Lost Art of Travel and the History of the Luggage Label []

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Oscar Wilde. "A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal." [Quotes of the Day]                                      true

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Need a recommendation - top notch digital camera!

I need some help selecting a good digital camera. Anybody out there got a favorite?

Just posted! HP PhotoSmart 812 review. Just posted! Our exclusive review of HP's four megapixel PhotoSmart 812. The 812 is an ultra compact easy-to-use digital camera with a three times optical zoom lens and four megapixel sensor. The 812 takes SD... [Digital Photography Review (]

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Answers to the questions in the post below this one!
Multi-Author K-Logs - This is another post to the K-Logs list (weblogs for knowledge management and collaboration).  If you like this topic, you are welcome to join (over 400 members!!) 
Today, UserLand introduced a new tool for leveraging RSS to produce a weblog with multiple contributors. If you are using Radio, you can download and install it from this page:
There are lots of situations where it is useful to build a K-Log that aggregates the syndicated news from multiple authors (see note below on what an RSS newsfeed is).  This is also a great way to use K-Log categorization (see the note below on was a K-Log category is). [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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These articles

are part of a dilemma we're in right now. We have a personal weblog. We'd like to set up a K-Log for our company. In fact, we'd like for the K-Log to become our company site. Can I run one copy of Radio on my PC and post to my own site as well as the company's site?

Wow! It was a good day on Webmaster World! Websites Take Teamwork, The Most Important Aspect of Marketing a Website and The search for a safe and functional email client. [From the Desktop of Dane Carlson]

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Why do the behemoths

such as GE and IBM seem to get into such gut-wrenching messes so soon after the departure of favored CEO's? It makes you believe the seeds of their problems were evident under the old watch.

IBM plans to lay off as many as 8,000 workers, or about 2.5% of its world-wide work force, during the current quarter. [Wall Street Journal]

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The #2 teleco

WorldCom's debt was slashed to "junk" levels by Moody's and Fitch, as the telecom company's banks asked that it put up collateral to secure $5 billion it is seeking in credit lines. The three-notch downgrade raised speculation the firm eventually will have to file for bankruptcy-court protection. [Wall Street Journal]

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Buy from each other, account for it differently!

SEC Probes Global Crossing Swaps [Wall Street Journal]

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