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Monday, May 27, 2002

Why must traffic become competition?

Ancient Tool of Survival Is Deadly for the Heart. The preponderance of evidence has indicated a strong relationship between excessive emotional stress and an elevated risk of developing and dying of heart disease. By Jane E. Brody. [New York Times: Health]

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Classes on Radio!

Ken Dow: "I'm happy to announce another series of Manila courses this July in Toronto, along with the first session of my new 'Weblogging with Radio Userland' course." 

Complete course descriptions and online registration
are available from

Mastering Manila - July 15,16, $850 USD
A two day, hands-on course on designing and managing a Manila Web site.

Manila Server Administration - July 17, 18, $1050 USD
A two day, hands-on course on installing and administering a Manila

Weblogging with Radio Userland - July 19, $225 USD
A one day, hands-on course on starting and working with a Radio
Userland weblog.
[Scripting News]

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Caught in a rat race they cannot win!

Why Angry People Can't Control the Short Fuse. Studies show repeatedly that people who become angry over unimportant things, like traffic, are likely to live shorter lives. By Jane E. Brody. [New York Times: Health]

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The Radio Desktop Application

The time seems right to start learning a bit more about the desktop application that comes with Userland's Radio weblog tools. It seems far more is buried there than I've even begun to realize. Using Radio as a comprehensive content management system must depend to some degree on learning more about the desktop app. First step, learn how to learn without fouling up the works!

Marc Barrot's outline weblog keeps getting cooler.  [Scripting News]

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Memorial Day, 2002

It's not yet 8:00a.m. here and it's still very quiet. The family is still asleep. A relaxing day is ahead. With the recollection of what Dad's service record was and the knowledge that we have (or may have) our troops involved in many places around the globe, Memorial Day seems more real and important this year. Maybe I'm getting old and sentimental. Maybe I'm staring at the empty nest syndrome which approaches.

Whatever the mood, emotion or motivation for the thoughts, it seems we live in an age when each peaceful day at home should be cherished more dearly. There are so many examples of how quickly that peace can be shattered. Whether natural or at the hands of man, the suddenness with which change comes throws people harshly against their foundations in faith, family and service to others. Rediscovering those foundation elements before we are slammed against them is what days like today are for. They'll be greater comfort for us when we face the unexpected if we embrace them when things are fine!

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