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Monday, May 13, 2002

Berkshire Hathaway purchases more

private aircraft for its NetJets subsidiary than any other purchaser in the world.

Life Can Be Pretty Good 5 Miles Up. After a slight dip this year and next, the growth in business jets appears poised to continue strongly through the next decade. By Joe Sharkey. [New York Times: Business]

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BellSouth and SBC

have taken fewer hits than the rest, yet even those two haven't gone unscathed. I cannot help but believe in some way that we'll look back at current telecom valuations and we'll find just as much to be amazed at as we've found in the absurd valuations during the dot com craze. These companies may morph, but in some form, many of them will survive, recover and ultimately flourish.

Question Marks at Cable and Wireless. With Cable and Wireless's stock price floundering, investors are increasingly calling for a shake-up, including the shutdown of some units and the resignation of C.E.O. Graham Wallace. By Suzanne Kapner. [New York Times: Business]

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Things are tough all over!

A Mississippi Upstart, as It Lay Loudly Dying. Marc Smirnoff who, as founder of The Oxford American, set himself up as the arbiter of good writing from the South, may soon be forced to pack his bags. By David M. Halbfinger. [New York Times: Business]

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Wow...this sounds great!

A picture named maggie.gifMeanwhile, we have a new feature in the pipe for Radio and RCS that brings new ease of use and power to blogrolling. And get this, you'll be able to use it even if you use one of our competitors' products to edit your weblog. It'll be worth the $40 if you take blogrolling seriously.  [Scripting News]

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Got to start diggin faster!

Tomorrow we're going to release a new tool for Radio that allows you to generate presentation slide shows authored in the outliner. I know everyone thinks I hate CSS, but I don't, I'm just a newbie. So if you want to help, take this slide, view source, and send it back to me (or post it to your weblog) using the most beautiful CSS rendering you can conceive. Then I can release the new tool with a fantastic CSS-based default template so everyone can be cool, me too.   [Scripting News]

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I posted a book recommendation and checked the category boxes for 'BOOKS' and 'HOME.' All of today's posts that follow the book recommendation show up when you go to

Does anyone know why? Does anyone know of a fix for all these posts that somehow got into wrong categories? I've double-checked and the posts were never categorized the way they appear right now!

Thanks in advance!

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Does this mean truckers might be willing to report each other. My recent experiences on this nation's highways show that a tiny percentage of long-haul truckers are as dangerous as any menace on the road. I'm not suggesting all or even most truckers cause problems. I'm simply saying that an 18-wheeler at maximum allowable length and weight packs quite a punch. Driven by one who assumes he is owed the road such a truck becomes lethal. Does homeland security include safer highways?

Truckers join homeland security ranks. Industry says drivers will be trained to spot trouble on USA's roads, bridges. [USA Today : Front Page]

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So, I'm Not Alone!

I find it more than a little ironic that Nielsen's Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability is actually painful for me to read. Why? First, the headlines are so visually overwhelming that it's difficult to focus my eyes on the body text. Second, the body text has no margins and thus there are so many words per line that it's difficult for my eyes to follow along the paragraphs. Usability and design don't have to be at cross purposes. [Ken Rawlings]

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Gutenberg: How One Man Remade the World with Words
by John Man

A world forever changed…

In 1450, all of western Europe’s books were hand-copied and amounted to no more than are in a modern public library. By 1500, printed books numbered in the millions. Johann Gutenberg’s invention of movable type ignited the explosion of art, literature, and scientific research that accelerated the Renaissance and led directly to the Modern Age. In Gutenberg, you’ll meet the genius who fostered this revolution, discover the surprising ambitions that drove him, and learn how a single, obscure artisan changed the course of history.

"His story is one of genius very nearly denied. A few records less, and we would not now be revering the Gutenberg Bible as his. All we would have would be the results: an idea that changed the world and a book that is amongst the most astonishing objects ever created–a jewel of art and technology, one that emerged fully formed, of a perfection beyond anything required by its purpose. It is a reminder that the business Gutenberg started . . . contains elements of the sublime–that at the heart of the mountains of printed dross there is gold."      –From the Introduction to Gutenberg

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2002 5K contest.   The 5K contest: design the coolest web site you can in 5,120 bytes. My favorite entry from previous years is the web color visualizer, which I still use. [dive into mark]

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Gratification Delay

For some reason I printed this interview with Jeffrey Zeldman and didn't read it at the time. I'm not certain who pointed to it or called my attention to it. I read it during lunch today and actually understood a lot of it. It is one of those pieces that reinvigorates my desire to learn web design.

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Coming very soon: a new version of Silkscreen. No, really! []

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Palm vs. Blackberry vs. PocketPC vs. Treo vs. Something Else?

Every now and then gadgetitis nags at me until I do something to put it back into remission. I'm waiting for a color PDA and phone combo. By the time it's available, it's likely to be available in a variety of form factors and operating environments.

Palm launches ads aimed at CIOs. The handheld maker launches an advertising campaign targeted at executives, chief information officers and other IT personnel, an attempt to lure more corporate clients. [CNET]

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Now here's a sentence!

Simon Fell's Pocket XML-RPC is "an open source XML-RPC client COM component for the Windows family based on James Clark's excellent Expat XML parser and the HTTP transport from PocketSOAP." [Scripting News]

Oh, to know enough to be impressed!

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Being Early Isn't the Same as Losing Money

Even Paul Allen hits investing headwinds. The billionaire technocrat wants to build companies that promote his vision of a "wired world," but the sour economy has pulled the plug on many of his investments. [CNET]

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Short-term thinking = long-term deficits

AOL Time Warner's Richard Parsons plans to play down promises of digital technology and entertainment "convergence." He takes over as CEO later this week. [Wall Street Journal]

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Radio Question

Say you post something to your weblog using Radio. At the time of the post you make certain there is a checkmark in the 'home' and the 'category 1' boxes. Later, you decide the post should have been checked for 'home' and 'category 2.' So, you edit the post, uncheck 'category 1' and check 'category 2.' Will this properly place the post in the 2 categories and remove it from the improper category?

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Thomas Jefferson. "Determine never to be idle...It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]

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