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Friday, May 17, 2002

What if you were born with a punch card

for investments and only 20 punches were allowed in a lifetime? In other words only 20 investment decisions could be made in a lifetime!

Berkshire Hathaway. "I think a lot of money can be made with a very few decisions..." [The Motley Fool]

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Welcome back, Andy

Radio UserLand Resource Directory. I apologize for the lack of activity on this web site. Oh well, no time like now to get started again. Here are today's updates to the Radio UserLand Resource Directory. [Ruminations News]

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Go Napster!

BERTELSMANN AGREED to acquire Napster's assets. The stunning reversal means the return to the online music service of several top executives who had resigned after an earlier deal collapsed. [Wall Street Journal]

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President Bush: For the love of

everything important about America, please stop acting as if you did anything wrong. No CBS reporter is worth that!

The White House defended its handling of pre-Sept. 11 warnings, saying it delayed publicizing data on the possibility of hijackings because they were "nonspecific" and might have shut down the civil-aviation system. [Wall Street Journal]

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I guess this beats forgiving his $366 million in loans!

WorldCom Gives Ebbers Big Severance. CLINTON, Miss. (AP) -- Former WorldCom Inc. president Bernie Ebbers will receive $1.5 million a year for the rest of his life as part of a severance package with the telecommunications company. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: Technology]

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William Strunk. "Vigorous writing is concise." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]

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Who Are Our Enemies?

Here's a story about one set of terrorists. Can it be any clearer that we're dealing with an enemy we don't fully understand?

Can it be any clearer that the liberal media in the United States today is just as willing to declare the incumbent administration our enemy? Sometimes it's over a matter like a terrorist attack through the lens of revisionist history. Other times it's over the personal affairs of an official.

I liked life in the U.S. better when the media understood its role!

Police Are Led to Body Said to Be Pearl's. Three men arrested on Thursday in the slaying of Daniel Pearl directed police to where they said his body had been buried, Pakistani police said. By Felicity Barringer. [New York Times: Business]

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