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Thursday, May 16, 2002

We're getting a bargain,

and some are getting a steal! Userland Software is providing one of the truly great bargains in the technology business by offering Radio at something shy of $40 per year. Lawrence Lee's work over the past few days to help me understand and resolve a 'categories' problem has been outstanding. Admittedly, we're not talking about a problem with a life support system or somebody's payroll software, but the dedication that Userland shows is unwavering.

I rarely launch the desktop application called Radio. Lawrence had to get me in there to do some things that helped resolve the problems. Even this novice can tell just how much power is 'under the hood.' Thanks to everyone working with Dave, John, et al.

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When reporters identify

things they think were warnings over 200 days after an event and begin to connect dots that are now clearly outlined in history, what is their motive? Plenty has been written about the CIA, FBI, NSA and other government agencies and the ways they are finding to "mine their databases" for better information.

What do these reporters hope to find? Do they expect even the most jaded Democrat to believe that a Republican administration knew something that could have stopped 9-11? This whole line of inquiry is somewhat sickening.

Top lawmakers pushed for tough inquiries after the White House revealed that Bush was told a month before Sept. 11 that bin Laden's terrorist network might hijack American airplanes. [Wall Street Journal]

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How hard will the reporters

look for the warning signals in this story?

Truck filled with cyanide stolen. Three armed men in Mexico take vehicle loaded with 10 tons of deadly material. [USA Today : Front Page]

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More Debt

WorldCom Will Tap Its Credit Line [Wall Street Journal]

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I Want a Copy

This may be a job for Glenn's!

Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science" is #1 on Amazon.   Very impressive.  Given that most of his work was done with Mathematica, I suspect that sales of that tool will go up sharply too.  There is a good article in Wired on the book. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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Good advice and good ideas

Secrets of a High Volume Blogger! "Blog Content is all Around You. Blogging is about text. And what is email? Text. What's IM? Text. I've gotten a lot of blog entries out of both these places. Old writer's trick from Robert Heinlein: Writing is all about filing the edges off a piece of content and then republishing it. (that's not an exact quote but pretty dang close)." [From the Desktop of Dane Carlson]

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Something to Play With

Google Answers Irony. Looked closely at Google Answers for the first time today. It's a decent system and quickly gained my trust. Oh, I didn't post any questions, but I studied the FAQ... [meryl's notes]

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your categories in advance cannot be over-emphasized. Those who read this regularly know that I've been fighting quite a battle with 4 renamed categories. At this moment my advice is avoid having to rename a category any way you can. It's not something that has a high probability of success.

Lawrence has been telling me some things to try. I've been meticulous in following his instructions. It's beginning to look like I'll simply forfeit all the posts in those 4 categories and begin again. That's still not going to clear up what you see when you look at, but I guess the real question is, "who does that?"

How To Create A Category. For beginners. At long last, I begin the voyage into this vital, powerful and sometimes pesky area. First piece of many to come. [Russ Lipton Documents Radio]

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