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Sunday, May 26, 2002


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Just for you, VCP!

A Donkey in Toe Shoes and Fairies All Aflutter. American Ballet Theater presented Frederic Ashton's beloved 1964 ballet for the first time with two splendid and very different casts at the Metropolitan Opera House. By Anna Kisselgoff. [New York Times: Arts]

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I Couldn't Agree More

Simply put, the season finale of The West Wing was the best single hour of television ever. [Scripting News]

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I agree with every comment

about today's powerful journalism in the New York Times. What I'm having a little difficulty with is the notion or inference that Memorial Day has become or is becoming a time to remember those victims of Oklahoma City's bombing or 9-11-01 or other "tragedies." I'm still a believer in the notion that Memorial Day has been, is and should be about those members of this nation's military who died defending our freedoms and beliefs.

05/26/02 21:21 CEST. Some powerful journalism in the NY Times today: Fighting to Live as the Towers Died. It's an account of the people who didn't survive the attack on the WTC, pieced together from frantic phone calls and emails to friends and family. The Web version includes some well-done interactive pieces (a chronology and detailed annotated maps of the interior of the buildings) as well as full transcripts of the interviews and email texts used in writing the story (North Tower transcripts, South Tower transcripts). []

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Audiophiles want to know

How to Build The Perfect Home Theater PC [Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters]

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With a daughter leaving for Australia

on June 17th, this isn't the kind of news I need. Opposite coast and unique motive provide some small comfort!

SUICIDE BOMBER IN PERTH, AUSTRALIA! James Morrow has the scoop on a guy who seems to be imitating Palestinians, though with a different agenda. [InstaPundit]

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With JIT the Dependable Supply Chain is Vital

How to Keep Cargo Safe, and Rolling. When shipments of auto parts were held at the Canadian border for two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, Detroit shuddered. In the end, the halt in cargo shipments at the nation's borders and ports proved a brief hiccup. But it was a vivid reminder of just how dependent the modern economy had become on the efficient transportation of goods and parts that arrive just in time for assembly. By Steve Lohr. [New York Times: Business]

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Ice Oceans Found on Mars

Water-ice has been found in vast quantities just below the surface across great swathes of the planet Mars. [BBC News]

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Oscar Wilde. "A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies." [Quotes of the Day]

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Nuclear weaponry has no out if we guess wrong!

STRATEGYPAGE says that a Pakistani-Indian nuclear war will be hard to avoid.

Here's a thought -- I don't know if it's right or not. But it occurs to me that while the United States is busy doing its (probably inadequate) best to prevent a nuclear war there, it's much of the rest of the world that has the most to lose.

The United States' nuclear power is a huge military ace that it can't really play, mostly for diplomatic reasons. But if there's a nuclear war between two more-or-less Third World countries (Pakistan more, India less) will that lower the threshhold? If I were, say, an Iraqi, or a Saudi, or for that matter a French diplomat, this would worry me.

If I were Israel, on the other hand, I might see some value in the loosening of nuclear restraints. I wonder if anyone's thinking about this sort of diplomatic repercussion? [InstaPundit]

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Rudyard Kipling. "Take everything you like seriously, except yourselves." [Quotes of the Day]

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Remedial History (or understanding the issues)

I have to admit that at this moment I don't know why these two countries are fighting. Concentrating on our war on terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict uses a fair amount of my bandwidth.

As a country, what's our role in all of this? Do we have a dog in this fight? It seems we always do. Or, is our concern the risk of nuclear escalation when Pakistan and India go at it?

Pakistan conducted the second in a series of missile tests amid growing tensions with neighboring India. In a meeting in Russia, Bush and Putin urged the South Asian adversaries to ease tension in order to avoid war. [Wall Street Journal]

Reading more carefully, I find these two phrases:

  • disputed border
  • Islamic incursions

If you look at The Bible as a history book, you see just how far back the trespassing laws go!

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George S. Patton. "Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]

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"Falling Coconuts Kill More People Than Shark Attacks" [Daypop Top 40]

This story is an example of a couple of things. First, it calls attention to the lack of media integrity in some past reporting. Second, the innumeracy of reporters and readers alike is so often exposed when they are alarmed by headlines or statistics that have no relative reference. Shark attacks were not "up" in 2001, they were the same as 2000. (Coconut deaths also remained relatively "flat.")

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Security Risks In All Forms

Amazon Scam. A "clever" author of a $3 Self Help PDF has developed a program to put his book in as a recommendation 12 times, on every single top seller at Amazon. As a result he is now the #3 best seller on Amazon. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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William Bennett is logically consistent as well!

On moral clarity. William Bennett, Moral clarity isn't simplistic (as published in The Dallas Morning News, May 12, 2002): Moral clarity has worked. It worked in Afghanistan, where [Jonathon Delacour]

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