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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Haste makes waste!

I think I'm learning something new, but I need your comments to be sure. I was going to add a selection of links to my home page that would allow viewing posts by category.

Here's what I think is going on. First, the links need to be added to the MAIN template not the HOME template. That way, the links will be visible from all the pages on the site. Second, comments and search capabilities need to be added to the MAIN template and not just the HOME template. In fact, these features must be added both places.


Finally, does anyone know why some posts show up in categories that were not checked originally? I have HTML or RADIO posts showing up in my VALUE INVESTING category. Is there some way to 're-index' categories without going back and hand-editing each post? This may relate to the problem I've never solved where a category was renamed, but still has the original category name at the operating system level. For me they look like this:

  • myFriends
  • myInterests
  • leadingIt
  • careerHelp

Each of these was renamed. Yet, at the operating system level they have the names shown above. Worse still is the fact that several posts are showing up in category views where they don't belong. When I go to the specific post and look at the category selections, they don't show certain categories as checked. Yet, they appear in that view.

Can anybody offer any help?

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An Index Page for Stories

How did Russ Lipton create a page of story titles that is sub-divided into logical groups? Is the normal story index page still there? Yes, the normal story index captures every story/essay/long document that you type. You can have a story that repeats the titles of other stories and separates them into categories as Russ did. If you look at his story index, you'll see that "The Good Stuff" is a story on that page. When you go to "The Good Stuff," you'll see that he has simply rearranged and grouped some titles from his story index.

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Notification of comments

How do you know you've received comments? Do you have to scroll back through your own weblog? So far, I think the answer here is yes. You have to look at your own public weblog to find comments that have been left there.

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Updating your Radio weblog from any PC

Isn't there a way to travel without a computer and still update/post to your weblog from any computer? Yes. Go to prefs and under the Internet and Server settings, go to Remote Access & Security. Check the boxes, enter a password and you're set to access your Radio weblog for posting from a remote computer. (thanks to Ken Rawlings for pointing this out.)

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Placing links on the home page

A general rule of thumb with the theme you see here goes like this:

  • left side links are called Navigator Links and you set them up in the navigator links preference
  • right side links in this theme are typically changes to the home page template and changes to the home page template are lost if you change themes

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Links for Categories

Some people like to have a list of links on their home page that permits a reader to see only the posts for a given category. This post for example is being posted only to a category called 'Radio.' It won't appear on my home page.

The syntax for links to the Radio categories is This happens to be the syntax for my particular site. Your domain name may be different and your category names will be different.

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[Berkshire Hathaway] probably has more investable cash than any other firm

on the planet, Mr. Buffett said at the meeting.

Berkshire Hathaway posted a 51% increase in first-quarter net income, as the insurance arms of Warren E. Buffett's conglomerate bounced back from a poor 2001 showing. [Wall Street Journal]

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Faith alone

isn't enough for some. Since my college years and Evidence That Demands a Verdict, I've watched many people attempt to justify belief. If probabilities are needed, Swinburne provides them.

So God's Really in the Details?. Last month, Richard Swinburne, a professor of philosophy at Oxford University, invoked probability theory to defend the belief that Jesus was resurrected from the dead. By Emily Eakin. [New York Times: Business]

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Time to sell UUNET?

WorldCom Shares Hit New Low [Wall Street Journal]

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Mark Twain. "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." [Quotes of the Day]

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Mathematica on OSX - A Great Demo

During Apple's shift to OSX Mathematica has been used to show the capabilities of the hardware and software combination in the most powerful Mac's. It seems fitting that one post removed from my confusion over rendering HTML and graphics, I'd post the genius of Wolfram.

A Man Who Would Shake Up Science. Stephen Wolfram is finally publishing his masterwork, "A New Kind of Science," and his claims surpass the most extravagant speculation. By Edward Rothstein. [New York Times: Science]

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Is there really a border around my posts?

I've been studying HTML. One of the toughest things for me to grasp has been the relationship between a graphic image and the text that will be near it. For example, some weblogs have a template that surrounds each post with a border. It is still difficult for me to see the relationship between a graphic file that may somehow be "tiled" down the page giving the 'effect' of a border.

Placement of the various macros in the HTML source so that posts wind up looking the way I want them to is really challenging. Of course, I still wrestle with wrapping text around a picture in a post.

I doubt I ever see the day when I can grasp this sort of thing:

Missing the point. Scott Andrew: CSS is for separating structure, not content, from presentation. People who think CSS is unnecessary because "I store my content in a database" are missing the point. That's great, it lets you reuse your content, but that's only half the story. Using CSS is the other half; it lets you reuse your markup. (That's how my style switcher works -- the markup stays the same, only the CSS changes. Ditto Joe. Ditto Mike.) [dive into mark]

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