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  Saturday 7 December 2002
Doo Dah Parade

See Colorado St Bridge I missed it this year. Again. Susan K. got to see this year's Doo Dah parade. I just never get down to Pasadena this time of year these days. I spent my formative years in Pasadena, a couple of miles west of the Colorado Street bridge over the Arroyo Seco (that's the gully that contains the Rose Bowl). Every January First, we would get up way too early, hike across that bridge, climb up under the temporary bleachers, and watch the parade between the ankles of the people who could afford seats on top of the bleachers.

Pasadena Star-News photo of Doo Dah Alien The Doo Dah parade is a parody of the Rose Parade. It used to be held within a few days after the Rose Parade. It covers a small bit of the Rose Parade's route along Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena's main drag, just east of that bridge. It was moved to Thanksgiving weekend many years ago. The Pasadena Star-News had an article about this year's parade. This year's highlights included The Claude Rains Memorial 20-man Invisible Band; the Queen MUMers (in hats and dresses); the Men of Leisure with their pillows for relaxing mid-parade, mid-street; and this very cool Visitor from Roswell.

I saw the Doo Dah parade two or three times, many years ago. I recall seeing the Precision Briefcase Drill Team; a parade of Belly Dancers; the Humboldt Loggers' band (my brother Michael was marching with them); and "Toro! Toro! Toro!", an amazing display of intricate maneuvers by eight or ten ridable lawn mowers.

Irreverent fun.

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