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  Friday 13 December 2002
500 Miles of sendmail woes

Everyone's linking to Trey Harris' story about the time email was limited to 500 miles.

I haven't seen anyone else point out the fact that it was due primarily to a sendmail bug, that sendmail is the most insecure piece of network infrastructure crap out there, and that even if modern sendmail's have plugged some of the leaks, this story makes it clear that THAT IS NOT ENOUGH.

Sysadmins: do your users a favor and use PostFix or qmail instead.
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Storm of the season

Well, summer's finally over. Big storm hitting the Bay Area this weekend. (Ok, big storm for California.) Posting may be as spotty as the power for the next few days.
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Thursday night in downtown Santa Cruz

Got downtown kinda late (8:50pm or so). Just before dinner, I dashed down to the Del Mar to get tickets for the 9:30 show. Very nice dinner at Clouds; Pacific Avenue (aka "Pacific Garden Mall") was closed off in front of Cinema 9 because they had brought in a couple of truckloads of snow for kids to play in. The Del Mar was renovated last year, and they did a very nice job. I think it is being booked by the same folks who book films for the Nickelodeon, a few blocks away. "Art" films, mostly.

After dinner, we walked on down to the Del Mar ... and they were waiting for us. We were the only customers for the 9:30 show. Felt weird. I guess the business is feeling the heat from the economic times, as well as from the Cinema 9 just two blocks away. Could have been the film — Far From Heaven — it wasn't your typical feel-good heartwarming holiday blockbuster.

After the show, 11:30pm, still quite a nice warm evening; we watched the last bits of snow being loaded into a pair of trucks, to be driven off to wherever they take it to melt around here. It's not like they have any snowplows — they were using a bulldozer to lift the bulk of it into the trucks, and flat shovels to scrape the dregs. And no, I don't mean the characters that hang around that part of town.

Sorry, I didn't have my camera with me.
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