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  Monday 16 December 2002

Saw a mention of treehouses at dangerousmeta just one week ago. We have this triple-trunked tree in the back corner of our yard, and have thought for years that a small treehouse or platform up there would be nice. The tree has been dead but standing for two or three years. We thought that it'd be nice to cut off all three trunks at about 12 or 15 feet up, and use that stable base for a picnic-sized platform. The spot has a nice view over our house to the redwood forest across the valley.

Well, after this weekend's storms, it is now a double-tree. The best of the three trunks (from our point of view as potential victims) broke off about 4 or 5 feet above the ground, and its part of the tree (45 feet high or so) fell in the best direction — away from our fence. That Treehouses site makes it look like it'll still be possible for us to put one up, but the stability won't be as easily achieved.
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