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Saturday, March 02, 2002

My first blog: "Hello world..."

So I guess I'll check the blog phenom out now.  Reading Andrew Sullivan's article iced it.  I don't expect to turn the tide of journalism, but maybe I can impress my friends.   These days my most impressing feat has been finally getting high-speed (i.e. Cable) Internet access where I live.  Once I got it I wasted no time in setting up a wireless network.  My friend, Buzz --who first tipped me off on the whole 'blog concept, and has his own virtual crib (i.e. home page; see slang definition of "crib")-- gave me the scoop on the necessary hardware and then it was quick click to Amazon to place the order...

Now I'm hanging 10 across the 'net....

The network is okay, but it tends to act weird and sometimes the computers lose sight of the wireless access point.  Thank God I've learned the ancient art of "pinging" and the art of manually "resetting" the WAP.  Whatever....   The point is it works and I'm happy.  I was never the "King of any Castle" so I guess I've got to be happy as the Network Administrator of a very small wireless network...


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