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Saturday, March 09, 2002

Message for John Hiatt:

Hiatt couldn't remember "the only two things in life" but Phil Ringnalda apparently could.  Phil's response?  "Guitars tuned good, and firm-feelin' women. How hard is that to remember?   Ah, I miss Waylon already."

Me too.  And now for some trivia.  What is Waylon Jenning's connection to Buddy Holly?  Mr. Bueller?  Anybody?

10:32:32 PM    

A picture named mickeymouse.gif

The Constitution says the exclusive rights are for limited times...

"Disney's copyright on Mickey Mouse, who made his screen debut in the 1928 cartoon short Steamboat Willie, was due to expire in 2003, and Disney's rights to Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck were to expire a few years later." Chris Sprigman: cited by [Scripting News]

The Eldred case discussed by Sprigman (which will address how long copyrights can extend) will be argued before the Supreme Court sometime in the next few months.  I have checked the Oral Argument calender and it isn't set yet, but the calender only shows the next two months of activity.  Larry Lessig will argue the case, and if I were in Washington when it was argued I'd definitely try to get a front row seat.  Lessig's book, The Future of Ideas, is a very important book and I can't recommend it highly enough.

10:05:33 PM    

Information management (from Jenny)

"Finally, a newspaper takes the lead and lets me start customizing the information I want from them. The NY Times is now offering a service that lets you Create a Times News Tracker Alert." [via MeFi]

"Create a Times News Tracker alert and begin receiving FREE e-mail notification when articles that match your interest are published. First define your news topic with keywords or phrases, then set your delivery schedule and name your alert."

[The Shifted Librarian]

9:42:21 PM    

Robert, before "Funky Butt" we have to go to "Nacho Mama's." Them's the rules...

"Oh, I see Ernie the Attorney is doing a Radio weblog. Cool. Ernie's a friend of Buzz's and Buzz set me and Ernie up for a night in New Orleans in mid-April when I'm there for the TechED conference. Ernie tells me he's taking me to the 'Funky Butt.' He says that's where the locals in New Orleans head to if they want to hear authentic -- and good -- jazz." [Scobleizer Radio Weblog]

9:34:53 PM    

I'd like to live an Internet lifestyle...

OK, if you're gonna live the Internet lifestyle you need a domain. Well, quite a few of Robert Scobel's readers have told him this is the place to get a cheap domain: [Scobleizer Radio Weblog]

9:30:00 PM    

More Pith...

There's only two things in life that make it worthwhile, but I forget what they are...

- John Hiatt

11:02:07 AM    

What is truth?

Copley comes into my office after having read my 'blog, and overall, he says he finds it interesting.  But he is concerned that I have taken...shall we say "liberties" with the truth in my reporting of the events that transpired at Nacho Mama's.  "I was there," he says, "and I recognized Allain Toussaint too!"  Well, okay, so he did.  But he raises a good point: why not tell the story like it really happened?

Well, first of all, who's to say what really happened?  There was a lot of alcohol consumed at Nacho Mamas on Thursday night.  After all that is pretty much the  point of Nacho Mamas (we buy drinks and they make money).  Does Copley want Nacho Mamas to go out of business?  I think not.  So, he shouldn't take so narrow a view of things.   He should think about Shane, and the other people who make their living at Nacho Mamas. 

But what about the "Truth"?  What role should it serve in our reporting of what happens around us?

Well, here's how I see it.  I think that Truth is like a wobbly old World War II airplane...let's say a B-25.  Hard to fly, and not very manuverable.  Sometimes, you're tugging at the yoke, trying to coax that beast up to the proper altitude so that you can clear a mountain range, or whatever (you get the picture).  You're on an important mission, but you have to make choices. Do you hope that you'll make it to proper altitude, or do you toss a few things over the side to increase your chances?  You look around and decide to jettison the lifeboats and the life-preservers.  After all, if you hit the mountain they aren't going to do you much good anyway.  I think that pretty much paints the picture.  So...just think of Truth as a life-preserver.  And toss it overboard every once in a while.  

8:20:08 AM    

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