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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

The New Orleans Times Picayune (2-28-2002) carries this quote from Billy Tauzin explaining why his bill is a good thing.

"Let me try to put it in lay terms as I would explain to my buddies at a hunting camp in Louisiana what broadband really is," Tauzin said. "Broadband is not the Internet your dad drove. It's the new Internet.

"It's not the Internet you had to dial up and wait patiently to get some information on. It is the new high-speed, hot, ready-to-go, rich-with-information systems that are going to make the Internet the engine that will drive the American economy into the future."

Oh?  Okay.  So, we'll be getting Broadband soon?  Good, because I thought I had it already with my Charter Cable hookup.  I wish I had a hunting buddy who could explain the complex world of telecommunications to me so that I could understand these things better...

If any one wants the article I have it in PDF form.  Just E-mail me.

9:12:56 PM    

Rick Klau's posting nails it.  Clients aren't going to pay lawyers for inefficiency, and they shouldn't.

6:51:54 PM    

Law is basically managing information

In the past few years I have come to develop a strong sense that the practice of law is basically an act of managing information....(click here for full text of this post)...

6:48:04 AM    

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