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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

"On the Web, companies can only control the conversation by being interesting -- and most corporations are afraid of being interesting."

Dave Weinberger - Author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined: A Unified Theory of the Web.  [See Fast Company article]

"To control your cow, give it a bigger pasture."

Suzuki Roshi [Cite]

9:46:22 PM    

Radio is a powerful force, and not so much just for individual 'blogging.  It is a new publishing tool that easily has the power to revolutionize web publishing. People ask me how can I be updating the  information on my site so frequently?  That's because they can't see behind the curtain. It's not magic.  It just looks that way.  It is so easy to use it's ridculous.  I downloaded the software (for a free 30 day trial) and 15 minutes later I was publishing a website.  Two weeks later, I'm getting close to 150 hits a day. 

But, like I said, Radio's true power isn't in it's isolated use by individuals who want to stream their random musings out to a public site.  The the real power of Radio will be realized when organizations and workgroups use its web-publishing features to collaborate in new ways.  Will organizations be willing to try something new?  Well, it's basically free so why not?  Read this story - it's on the mark.  And here's an interesting excerpt:

Consider this scenario. You work in an organization—large or small, it doesn’t matter—and you want to publish your notes on your current project. Nothing formal, just notes. And you’d like to have access to the notes of your collaborators, and maybe obtain feedback from them. Instead of passing paper notes or bouncing email back and forth, doesn’t it make a lot more sense to publish the notes somewhere they can be easily discovered and perused by your workgroup and others interested in what you might be doing. Of course it does.

In most organizations, unfortunately, you can’t just plop a server on the network and share your notes. There are channels, and request forms, and project charters, and project sponsors, and legal clearances, and requests for expenditures, and all the rest that you have to go through just to do something as simple as sharing your research notes within your own workgroup. And then, if all goes well, you face the distinct pleasure of dealing with the IT department, which occupies the fifth ring of hell.

8:23:47 PM    

The Senate is holding hearings on "Protecting Creative Rights in the Digital Age".  If you have comments to offer our wizened tribal elders on that subject follow this link....

And remember the kittens.....

4:33:07 PM    

Alberto Gonzalez is the current White House Counsel.   He could be the next US Supreme Court Justice, and the first Hispanic American on the Court.  His key to success?  Imperviousness to pinging. [Story Link]

3:06:18 PM    

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