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Thursday, March 14, 2002

The Fed has ruled that Pay Pal (which allows people to make and receive online payments, and is popular on E-Bay) is not a bank.  That ruling doesn't affect state regulators, such as those in Louisiana, who are challenging the payment service.

PayPal has been unregulated since it began in October 1999. The company has a license to transmit money only in Oregon and West Virginia.  

In mid-February, about the same time of its IPO, Louisiana asked Pay Pal to discontinue its service in the state until it receives a license from the state.   Louisiana residents do not constitute a significant part of Pay Pal's customer base, but the move by the state could bode ill for the company if other states take similar action.

11:30:25 PM    

British Telecom had claimed that it had the patent rights to hyperlinking.  But a federal judge in New York is not buying it.  Thank god.

4:58:17 PM    

You set aside parking places near the store for handicapped people and you give out fines when non-handicapped people park there.   That's the law.  And you figure that's where the trouble is going to arise --i.e., with the non-handicapped people.  Hang on.  You didn't consider this, did you?

12:29:50 PM    

Back when I was writing for Litigation News (one of the ABA sub-committee publications) I had the sheer good luck to be assigned the task of interviewing Jacob Stein.  Along the way I found out that he had written a book, and I asked him for a copy, which he graciously sent me, along with a very encouraging note.  The book, Legal Spectator, is a compilation of articles that he wrote for the Washington Post.  The Foreward reveals Stein's humility and ironic sense of humor:

The impulse to Memorialize in a book form one's transient essays scattered around in periodicals is an impulse which should be supressed.  It should be but it seldom is.  And so this book.

One of the best stories he wrote is about the form interrogatories that attorneys so frequently assail each other with.  I include a link to my reproduction of the story because I couldn't find it online. 

11:01:23 AM    

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