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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Free Speech for Judges?  Yeah!

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared deeply troubled Tuesday by a Minnesota rule that restricts what state judicial candidates can say during election campaigns.  []


3:19:47 PM    

Integrating Technology: other perspectives.

It helps to understand the perspectives of the computer users, and I suppose the computers too (if that's possible).  [Link]

2:47:14 PM    

Winking Jesus?  Take the test because it may be a miracle.

Click here to take the test.

1:39:36 PM    

Pet Peeves: Broken Links

I know that Tim Berners-Lee said that one feature of the Web is that it would always be a "little broken," but I can't help being critical of sites that have lots of broken hyperlinks.  Like this one for example.

12:47:08 AM    

Is Tauzin-Dingell good for the Internet?

Here's another viewpoint, which suggests that the Tauzin-Dingell Bill is good.  Hey, call me crazy, but considering other viewpoints is how we sharpen our focus.  Zimran Ahmed has thought it through, and makes some good points. [See Cite]

12:43:02 AM    

IT Directors are from Mars, Lawyers are from Venus

"In the anthropology of law firms, a few basic divisions stand out. There are those who earn fees (lawyers) and those who don't (staff); and those who understand technology (IT staff and a few lawyers) and those who don't, even though they must use it (most lawyers). "

This is a great article, and not surprisingly the discussion takes place in the offices of Bartlitt, Beck -- a firm that "gets it" both as to using technology and finding alternative fee arrangements (and a firm where I had the pleasure of shooting a few hoops on their indoor basketball court). [ article]

12:01:23 AM    

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