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Saturday, October 19, 2002

It's the polygons stupid - check out David Weinberger's blog post of today's PopTech session with the guy from Pixar.  I'm blogging it over here.  But stay on this channel if you want the inside scoop on my goof-ups and social gaffes.  Like, for example, this morning.  First some background information: I have one important responsibility here at the conference, which is to provide power to people like David Weinberger and Dan Gillmor.  I acquired this responsibility merely by being the only one to bring an extension cord with a power-strip.  Other people have tapped into the power strip and so I've come to be surrounded by people that David has termed "power vultures."

Setting up this little haven was a little more involved than I anticipated.  When I ran the long orange cord over to the vulture's nest it left the cord exposed.  The tech folks at the conference were dismayed and insisted that I use their duct tape to secure the line so that no one would trip.  Obviously a good idea, which I --as an attorney-- completely grok.  So this morning I came in and started looking around for the duct tape so I could set up the nest for the day.  It was up on stage where they were setting up stuff for the first session. I didn't want to just grab the duct tape without permission so I asked the guy on stage if I could snag the duct tape. He said no.  Then he clarified that was because he didn't have any available.  I said "but it's right over there."  He said, "oh, well that's not my duct tape."  Then the guy next to him said I could take use it.  Turns out the guy I first approached is Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary fame who was getting ready for his outstanding live music performance.

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