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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

My friend JD - He's not a Juris Doctor.  JD is his first name.  As in JD Lasica.  I met him at PopTech when he let me hitch a ride with him from Portland airport up to Camden.  JD is a journalist from New Jersey originally, but now he lives in San Francisco.  He's got a great site that discusses online journalism trends.  My favorite thing is the interview he did with John Perry Barlow about the new era of media.
4:14:58 PM    

Outlining Epiphany - I love outlines.  I have used the Radio outliner to create outlines that I can post on the web, like this.  I use a program called NoteMap to make outlines that I use for everyday outlining (it is much better than the outliner in WordPerfect and Word, just trust me).  I just found out that you can copy and past an outline from Radio to NoteMap and vice-versa.  Very nice.

By the way, both Radio and Notemap are free to try for 30 days.  Radio costs $40, and NoteMap is $99.  They are both very powerful products, and their power is enhanced by the fact that you can move data from one to the other easily (I use a PC with Windows and Notemap isn't available for the Macintosh)

11:16:03 AM    

What's your Google URL? - Mine is "ernie attorney".  Oh, what's a "Google URL" you ask?  Click here for the official definition.

10:56:20 AM    

Another BlawgRick Klau introduces Jennifer Klyse's blog. "She's in I.T. at a big law firm (which will remain nameless for now)."  He has convinced her to try out Radio.   Cool.
10:49:07 AM    

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