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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

The Knight of Faith & Copyright law - Kierkegaard's Knight of Faith was a simple but wonderful guy who would stroll home with the indefatigable gait of a postman, expecting a wonderful dinner that couldn't possibly be there when he got home.  He was too poor.  But he believed in riches, and so he was rich.  Ed Felten writes about a funny story by Sasha Volokh asking the record companies if was okay for him to make cassette recordings of his records because he believed in intellectual property law so much.  Felten suggests that perhaps we should all write the record companies and other content kings.  This reminds me of the Knight of Faith somehow. 

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Computer Humor - certain recent events caused me to write a short piece about my system tray.  I love the fact that Radio lets you create separate stories that exist apart from your main blog posts.
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I agree, no wait I dissent - I never knew that a federal appeals judge could write a majority opinion and still dissent from it too.  But then that's what makes Howard's blog so useful for lawyers.
2:49:54 PM    

Lawyer rules, baseball rules and legal humor - Awhile back I wrote a post about a great article called "The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule".  It was a spoof article that made fun of how stuffy and pretentious law review articles are.  I noticed in my referrer logs that someone had found my site with a Google search of that phrase, so I looked at what that Google search produced.  At the top of the list was this great article entitled "Why are there rules of court?"  And the best part is the guy has the precise cite to the Univ. of Penn. law review article.  It would be better if the article were online, but alas that hasn't happened yet.

And here is another list of humorous legal jurisprudence that also showed up from the same Google search.

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