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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

John Perry Barlow on the TIA - Total Information Awareness is the government's dream, but the citizen's nightmare.  Read the interview.
4:54:11 PM    

RSS for lawyers - sometimes you just have to ask.  I asked TPB at Unbillable Hours why he didn't have an RSS feed.  He said he did but just hadn't posted it.  He sent this to me, but Radio didn't like it and generated an error message:

"Can't subscribe to the channel. The most likely cure is to check the URL in a web browser and see if you can get it to read the feed. The following message probably won't help you figure out what went wrong, but we include it here because it might. "Assignment over existing table object "s" is not allowed. Delete the object first, or use table.assign to override protection."

Here's what I get when I paste the URL for the RSS feed in my browser:

"An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource ''. Line 68, Position 788"

Interestingly, my NewzCrawler reader has no problem with the feed.  Here we begin to see a stumbling block to the widespread use of RSS.  If it can't work reliably in different news aggregators then how far can it go?

1:19:53 PM    

Law Blogs with useful information - I can't help noticing how much legal information is now freely available because of blogs.  The Blawgistan Times is a neatly presented compendium of information gathered from several different law blogs.  InterAlia has a steady stream of useful information for lawyers (RSS feed available).  Internet Tools For Lawyers is another great source (w/ RSS feed), and several categories: Legal Blogging, News, Legal Research, Factual Research, Internet Law, Ethics, Productivity, Security, eLawyering, New New Economy, and Blogging 101 (all with RSS feeds).

BeSpacific, run by Sabrina Pacifici, also is a must-read if you want to keep up with legal information (RSS feed).  KiMformation is new to the game, but brings the perspective of a paralegal interested in how to use technology in a litigation practice (RSS feed).  There are others, but you get the idea.  I think that blogs are making this happen, and I expect that by the end of the year we'll have about 10 blogs that provide legal information.  Hell, there is now one for Louisiana, with an RSS feed.

10:29:56 AM    

Getting the Scoop on Federal Judges - Tom Mighell responded to my post yesterday about reputation systems with some information about a service called TracFed, which is worth knowing about.
10:01:18 AM    

A Blawg for the Trial Lawyers - it's called InstaLawyer, and covers "events, links, and philosophies from the point of view of trial lawyers who represent the interests of regular people."  Looks like regular people don't need an RSS feed.
9:50:26 AM    

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