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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Products Liability Blawg - my wife, Monique, practices products liability law, and has decided to see if blogging is a worthwhile tie-in to her practice.  She is experimenting with Radio, and has a site called, aptly, Products Liability Blawg.  I guess this makes us the first ones in cyberspace with a two blawg garage. 

And it goes almost without saying that it has an XML feed.

9:59:35 PM    

Legal Sites with XML feeds - I've made a list of legal sites withe XML feeds, which is by no means exhaustive.  These are simply the sites that I have in my Radio News Aggregator.  If you have a site with an XML feed and want to be added let me know and I'll be glad to add you. 
9:19:36 PM    

Macintosh for lawyers - check out Legal Mac which is Larry Stanton's blog.  He also recommends that you join MacLaw if you are a legal professional and use a Mac.  MacLaw is hosted by Yahoo Groups. The list discusses new Macintosh technologies, and other topics of interest to Mac users. 
8:20:13 PM    

Another Lawyer Blogger -  Check out the this blog by prolific legal technology writer Dennis Kenndy [via].  It's just getting going but its going to be a good one, and with an XML feed.  I've added it to the blog outline, and put it in a new category for blogs that discuss law and technology.
8:14:27 PM    

Damn, this is impressive - David Weinberger, whose poetic/philosophical descriptions of the Internet are without peer, has written an amazing cybercitizen's rant.  I'm posting this mostly so that I preserve the link and can go back to read it again, but the rest of you are free to follow the link too.
9:27:43 AM    

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