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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The endless debate over which word processing program, Word or WordPerfect, best suits lawyers continues.  It appears that WordPerfect is the winner in this episode.
9:12:39 PM    

Okay, I warned 'em.  About six months ago, my TiVo suffered an electrical power surge when lightning hit my house.  I googled "TiVo Modem repair" and found a site called DigitalRecorder.tv.  I sent the TiVo off to be repaired and to have a hard drive added.  When the prodigal TiVo returned I killed a fatted calf and blogged about how nice the folks at DigitalRecorder were.  I got one negative comment from someone who didn't like their service, but I let it go.

Then about 2 months ago (within the 6 month warranty period on the modem that they repaired) the modem just stopped working.  I know precisely when the modem stopped working because the modem failure caused my home phones to go out.  And I was in the house when the phones stopped working.

Anyway, you see where this is going.   I sent the TiVo in and this time I got crappy service.  They didn't notify me that they had received the TiVo by E-mail (like they had done the first time).  And, even after I called, they didn't seem in a hurry to deal with the TiVo.  Finally, I talked to a Todd person and he attemped to convince me that my house had caused another surge (I explained I had moved to a new house since the last event) or that it was my fault that the modem blew out.  Finally, he relented and agreed to repair the modem.  He told me I'd have to pay the shipping, and I agreed.

The TiVo returned again, but apparently Todd hadn't bothered to do anything to the modem.  When I plugged it in my phones stopped working.  I quickly surmised that Todd had not repaired the modem at all, but just decided to send it back to me as is.  So, turns out this time I paid about $100 for my TiVo to go visit Uncle Todd and didn't even get a lousy T-Shirt.

I sent Todd an E-mail explaining that I had to assume that he decided not to repair the TiVo and just sent it back.  I told him that I would give him until Tuesday to send me a reply E-mail pointing out the flaws in my assumption.  Not surprisingly, I didn't get an E-mail, which is basically an admission that he didn't even bother to try to fix or replace the modem (as he said he would).

So, I leave this post here for the Google bot.  And I hope that Karma brings this post to the attention of a websurfer who needs a TiVo repaired and decides not to use Digital Recorder.  In fact, as a bonus to such a weary searcher, I suggest you use weaknees.com, which comes recommended by TechTV.    Good luck.

3:43:08 PM    

I'm trying to pull together some materials (blog posts, news articles, whatever) on the advisability or permissibility of employers' monitoring of employee behavior.  The monitoring would include examining E-mails, Internet surfing, and even video surveillance.  Any materials that you kind souls could direct me to would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

This looks good.  Maybe that's all I need.  Thanks Google!

11:53:15 AM    

Read this column by John Dvorak.  I don't like the guy and I think he's a blowhard, but he makes some good points in this article.
10:53:33 AM    

So saieth John Perry Barlow, whom I believe to be a very bright person.  So, when I read this it makes me think.
10:33:44 AM    

DennisKennedy praises MyShingle as the perfect example of what a law website should be.  The thing I like most about it is that it has an RSS feed, so I've added it to the list of law blogs with RSS feeds.
8:43:27 AM    

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