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Friday, February 28, 2003

Here are some more law blogs that are going into the Law Blogs with RSS/XML feeds.  I'm even creating a category for this sort of information so that you "aggregators" can subscribe to the notice.  That way I don't have to post it on the main weblog.  Obviously, those who don't have aggregators won't miss hearing about these things.


1:22:19 PM    

Dave Winer is debating which route to take on his trek East: "I talked about the northern route, below, now let's talk about the southern route. Stop in Phoenix where I have a dinner invite, catch some baseball, then cross New Mexico and Texas, swing into New Orleans for some gumbo with Ernie the Attorney...." [Scripting News]

Yes, Dave come South.  The weather's great, the food is outstanding (the crawfish are really great this year), and you can come stay at my house and let your new laptop soak up the Wi-Fi cloud that permeates my humble abode.

12:30:23 PM    

Paula Brantner is lead writer for a weblog called Today's Workplace; it's your "source for the latest developments in workplace rights and employment law, by Workplace Fairness, the nonprofit organization that promotes workplace policies and practices that work for everyone." Looks pretty slick.  No RSS feed, though.
12:15:14 PM    

InforWorld reports that Judge Karl Forester, Chief Judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky, issued a preliminary injunction that bars Static Control Components (SCC) from making or selling chips used to make replacement cartridges for two of Lexmark's laser printers. Lexmark is using the DMCA in arguing that SSC can't reverse engineer the chips that control its printers. Those chips also prevent third party ink cartridges from working in Lexmark's printers.
11:44:27 AM    

Chas Rich has the scoop on a new resolution adopted by the Ohio Senate (SJR 7). The bill calls for a vote this November as to whether Ohio Supreme Court Justices should continue to be elected by direct popular vote
11:30:43 AM    

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