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Thursday, February 13, 2003

eDocuments & eAdministration of same -  Tom Mighell of Inter Alia reports that " has an article today about the challenges facing court administrators as they try to determine the best way to electronically archive documents."  Great discussion of use of the PDF and XML standard in courts.  Can't wait to see what Rory will say about this article. 
8:54:59 AM    

Wherefore goest thou, weblog? - I'm an REALLY jealous that I didn't get to attend the session on weblogs that Dave Winer instigated at Harvard.  But at least I got to read some of the accounts, and --best of all-- I learned about Frank Field, who not has a blog with an RSS feed, and some very interesting thoughts about weblogs and academia.

I'm encouraged that someone like Frank, who obviously understands the mind-set barriers to weblogging in an academic environment, believes that Dave has a chance to punch through the firewalls.  The way I see it, we're all using our little spoons to chip away a crusty barrier that, although perhaps once inevitable or necessary in some way, is now an impediment to fruitful human interaction and knowledge sharing.  Go Dave, go!!!

8:28:56 AM    

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