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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Ray Ozzie in Why Collaboration:

And as I entered the business world, it simply made no sense to me that computers were being used solely for computing and "data processing"... And so, it has been my goal to explore what lies at the intersection between people, organizations, and technology.

The bottom line to Why? To create real value in a dimension that I passionately believe in.

And why the blog?

The personally-empowering client-side. online/offline UI of Radio, in my view, like Groove, offers us a glimpse at a new model of interaction that may indeed make it more natural to post into a public space.  Which is why I've been fascinated by what lies at the juncture between the eMail model, the Groove model, and the blog model.

[Matt Pope's Radio Weblog]

Web Logs are a place where we truly get credit for our creative contributions. Anticipating Rays next post consuming and contemplating his concepts and trying to come up with a counter-contribution feels like playing a nice game of chess. Like a game of chess we are simultaneously producing and consuming entertainment, learning, and escapism, for each other. I trade time and energy and in return gain a new and different understanding of information that I come across, information that is freely available to each of us. The post and counter post and the links across time and space, build context and add meaning continuing to build out a structured digital media information space. This new space is enjoyable to explore and I even more fun to help design.

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Indicators of Social Capital in Web Logs

1. Levels of giving (blog ecossystem) reflects people's propensity to give to others when they themselves may not directly benefit. The economy of giving links.

2. Participation and engagement (What we do when we blog Meg Hourihan) gauge of people's involvement in a range of groups and associations, both formal and informal. Ray Ozzie adds a nice contribution to "Why we Blog"

3. Reciprocity within the community (everybodyblogit) is the measure to which people can rely on their community to help in times of need. How to Start a Weblog (For Professinal Journalists)

4. Generalized trust that people have in other individuals and groups, and how safe they feel in their daily interactions with others.

5. Trust towards public officials and institutions or the measure of people's confidence in the institutions of society. The MemoryHole

6. Social Norms (Lessig) the rules, belief, morals and habits that regulate behaviour.

7. Attitudinal variables (blogtree) important to social capital or individuals' belief about themselves, their place, and their tolerance of others, levels of acceptance, motivations and sense of connectedness.

8. Confidence in the continuation of social and political relationships for the future.

This list is from the work titled Framework for the measurment of Social Capital in New Zealand which was prepared by Anne Spellerberg and assisted by the social capital programme team. page 16 of the (link to pdf found here)

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The sharepoint groove integration project list these features as resulting benifits.

-- Groove Networks will deliver the features of Groove Workspace as an integration kit to SharePoint Team Services by fall of 2002.

-- The team Web site solution will support and include tools for:

  • online and offline use
  • automatic synchronization
  • secure real-time cross-firewall access
  • collaboration
  • a customizable team Web site

Ok I see what groove is providing but what is Sharepoint bringing to the table?

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