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  Thursday, May 23, 2002

Spidey vs. AOTC

So Warren and I saw Spiderman Saturday afternoon, bypassing the AOTC crowds--but picked up tickets for AOTC for a Sunday morning showing.

After a few days to reflect, here are my thoughts on the two films:

    Spiderman is a terrific story well-told; it's well-written, directed, acted, photographed. I enjoyed it immensely.
    AOTC, by contrast, fills in some blanks in the saga, but pretty much drags. It takes an hour to get going, then provides some excitement. But all those digital effects are wasted on a trivial story badly written and acted.
    The characters in Spiderman are real people in extraordinary circumstances: they have hopes and dreams, features and flaws, conflicts and strengths. They adapt to circumstances, learn from mistakes, love and hate and feel real feelings. The ending is full of conflict, emotion, and hope.
    The characters in AOTC are one-dimensional, and the acting wooden (with the exception of Ewan McGregor's Obi Wan Kenobi). I came away wondering what Anakin and Padme are doing together, especially what she sees in him. Natalie Portman has some fine qualities as an actress, wasted here.
    Then there's Kirsten Dunst--yow! 'Nuf said.

Warren enjoyed both films; his statement on AOTC was "I don't know what's wrong with the critics, that was a great movie!" He's usually put off by romantic scenes, but accepted the romance of both flicks as appropriate, not gratuitous or unnecessary.

So now we've had our dose of summer movies for this month. Next up: Scooby Doo!

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