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  Saturday, May 25, 2002

HCI and Graphics and Technical Communication

Just sent this note off to Beau Cain, PR chair for Silicon Valley STC, and may as well post it here as well:

Here are a few links on human-computer interaction (or CHI, as ACM acronymizes it) and graphics that may be of interest to technical communicators:

BayCHI, the San Francisco Bay area chapter of ACM's CHI:
SIGCHI, the mother SIG:
CHI2003, SIGCHI's annual conference:
AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts:
SIGGRAPH, ACM's graphics SIG:

In June 2003, SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, and AIGA's Experience Design Forum will team up to present Designing the User Experience (DUX2003) in San Francisco. No web site yet, but I'll pass it along when it's up. I'll be involved (somehow) in organizing, so I'll note the progress here as we move along.


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More on Gould

At Salon.

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