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  Thursday, May 30, 2002

Wireless gets it, Hollywood doesn't

At the same time that Hollywood (collectively, the film, television, and music industry) is trying to put technologists out of business, the wireless folks (think cell phones, but perhaps including broadband suppliers) are starting to understand something very important:

"'If there's a way to link our thing to that [WiFi networking], right, we want to do it.' That's like grabbing the tail of the tiger. So they're beginning to think in the other way -- if they're not going to kill it, they want to ride it."

So says Steve Gillmor (quoting the FCC's Robert Pepper) in this article:

 Riding the tiger. Disruptive technologies are actually constructing new models of networking infrastructure [InfoWorld: Wireless]

Why can't the troglodytes of Hollywood think this way? They can't kill the tiger, why not ride it? Get with the new technologies instead of stifling them--their customers are already using P2P, wireless, WiFi, PVRs, ripping and burning their own CDs--and stop driving their customers away. Why haven't they read Clayton Christensen's The Innovator's Dilemma, the book that originated the concept of "disruptive technology"? The entertainment industry is led by dinosaurs about to be inundated by the asteroid of disruptive technologies. (Oh, please forgive the hyperbole. . .) Get on board, or die trying!


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